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CMS-XML Checkin from ZMF Checkouts view always uses staging dataset – not personal library
The reporting customer was initially concerned about potential data loss in this situation if the user selects the ‘Delete Source’ option on checkin. However, research here shows that the member is not deleted from the personal library in this situation so this concern looks unfounded at this time. As it still exists in the library, the component can be checked in using the z/OS Projects perspective should this occur.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Data translation errors copying member to staging library after smart editor session
ZMF4ECL: Data translation errors copying member to staging library after smart editor session
CMS-XML Retain Detail fails to remember "Checkin Options" on the Checkin panel.
If we have a program checked out in a z/OS Project and do a "ChangeMan ZMF checkin" and set the "Retain detail " flag and build then these "Checkin Options" are not remembered next time we do a "ChangeMan ZMF checkin". This will leave the Server, Application, Package and Library type blank.
CMS-XML Data available at the BULD0004and BULD0104 HLLX exit points, is inconsistent depending on where call originated.
Data passed to HLLX exit points for BUILD , is not consistent when called from different clients.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Smart editor fails after timeout/automatic reconnection
A customer is reporting that if a ZMF4ECL Smart Editor session is started and times out (e.g. SDNOTIFY/TIMEOUT=M45) subsequent efforts to save the content to the staging library fail. The transient edit dataset is updated but the contents are never copied back to the staging dataset. A 'Data Set ENQ unavailable' message is issued.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL 8.1.3 issue with 'Variable Name' not being displayed as coded in ZDDOPTS BUILD component
<field name="UserOption801" readonly="N" label="First 5 chars " required="N" validation="ALPNANUM" default="/> Points of note: - The assumption is that this applies to all of the extended user option fields (i.e. UserOption101- UserOption7205).
CMS-XML HASX22B cannot be assembled under JES 1.4.
The following data area and possibly others have been moved or removed in JES 1.4 and HASX22B will not assemble . * TSO CANCEL/STATUS SERVICE FIELDS ORG SJBSSIWK
CMS-XML "Db2PreCompile" editable="Y" is not editable at BUILD time.
Fixed in ZDD 3.2.0. Additional Information : Fixed in ZDD 3.2.0, build 153.
CMS-XML Data corruption inserting lines with > 80 editied through Codewright.
Implemented in ZDD 3.1 Build 147. This must be accompanied by CodeWright customization changes fixed in 7.5.3.
a) firstly, since ZMF4ECL 8.1.3 was released, we now include a message on the Build User Variables screen attempting to help customers understand the origin of the contents of the panel. This can sometimes be quite complicated to track down with the use of ZDDOPTS, HLLX or a combination of both. However, the customer feels that the displayed messages (e.g. ‘ZDDOPTS Profile: Name = UNNAMED Internal ID = 10
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