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CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Smart editor fails after timeout/automatic reconnection
A customer is reporting that if a ZMF4ECL Smart Editor session is started and times out (e.g. SDNOTIFY/TIMEOUT=M45) subsequent efforts to save the content to the staging library fail. The transient edit dataset is updated but the contents are never copied back to the staging dataset. A 'Data Set ENQ unavailable' message is issued.
CMS-XML When EDIT COMPONENT is checked, the staging dataset is edited, when using checkout from package. Target of the checkout (personal dataset) should be what is edited.
When a component is checked out from a package to a personal dataset, if the EDIT COMPONENT box is checked, the staging dataset is opened for edit and the changes made are not saved to the personal dataset. In this scenario, the personal dataset should be opened for edit, since it is the 'target' of the checkout request.
CMS-XML Smart editor changes not being saved to staging datasets
Smart editor changes not being saved to staging datasets
CMS-XML Cannot commit any changes when using the compare function.
When performing a compare of two source modules(from staging and baseline) when the compare window is displayed and differences are highlighted you cannot make any changes to the staging source and commit those changes to the source module.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Changes not saved when made in smart editor browse session
If the user selects 'Yes' and makes changes to the component these are reflected in the transient edit dataset allocated by the ZMF Server started task when the component is saved or the edit session closed. However, the changes are not copied to the staging dataset. No warning or error messages are issued to the user in this situation.
CMS-XML Edited ZDD jobnames not being saved for subsequent job submission
When submitting a ZMF build job within ZDD whilst changing the jobname to a non-default name (i.e., a name which is not of the form USERID + 1 character) then the new format jobname is not retained for subsequent job submissions. It automatically reverts to the default model jobname for the next request.
CMS-XML ZDD Library types defined for Panvalet and Librarian are not saved across reboot
Fixed in ZDD 3.2 build 164.
CMS-XML Data corruption inserting lines with > 80 editied through Codewright.
Implemented in ZDD 3.1 Build 147. ... 3. Remove the check for "Use file rewrite save method". ... 7. Press the " Save " button. ... 9. Press the " Save " button.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Browse Listing command fails in a number of situations
This problem would potentially apply to any build procedure that generates like-PDS type components, as well as listings (e.g. Db2 SRC components that generate DBR members). ... There is no foolproof way to control the sequence in which these relationship records are written and stored.
CMS-XML Checkin from ZMF Checkouts view always uses staging dataset – not personal library
Checkin requests executed from the ZMF Checkouts view always appear to use the staging dataset as input. However, if the component has been checked out from the package to a personal development library this is incorrect.
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