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CMS-XML ZMF4ECL - Unable to update package information in a FROZEN package.
Unlike ISPF Client where you can update package information for example Requestors Name when the package is in a FROZEN state, in IDz this is not possible ... The message " Package Properties Read Only - Package in FRZ status " keeps appearing while navigating in package properties.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Applications with READ access not being displayed
ZMF4ECL: Applications with READ access not being displayed
CMS-XML Receiving “Unhandled event loop exception” in error log, when user has “READ ONLY” access to the application
Receiving “Unhandled event loop exception” in error log, when user has “ READ ONLY” access to the application
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Attempts to edit component fail when user has no access to staging dataset
Errors are encountered when attempting to edit a component in ZMF4ECL and the user does not possess at least READ access to the staging dataset. For example, a pop up stating the following:
CMS-XML ZDD truncating submitted JCL at first ‘JOB’ encountered, even in comments
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Changes not saved when made in smart editor browse session
If a user attempts to change the contents of a component whilst in a smart editor browse session they are warned that the component is read -only and offered the option to make the component writable. If the user selects 'Yes' and makes changes to the component these are reflected in the transient edit dataset allocated by the ZMF Server started task when the component is saved or the edit session closed. However, the changes are not copied to the staging dataset.
CMS-XML Site information for DIS package can be updated in ZMF4ECL
In ZMF4ECL, if you right-click on a distributed package and select properties to display the ‘Package General Information’ the following message is correctly displayed: Package Properties Read Only - Package in DIS Status Occasionally, however, when the user gets to the installation site information the information can be updated and the changes applied to the package despite the ‘read only’ warning.
CMS-XML VERSION statement is missing from DB2 compiles, when settings are set on in Global DB2 Admin.
When Option 2 is NOT set, the VERSION field should be able to be edited during the BUILD dialog. When Option 2 is set to /, the VERSION field should READ ONLY during the BUILD dialog. VERSION is displayed on the DB2 SUBSYSTEM selection panel on the ISPF client.

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