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CMS-XML CMN2775A Component must be in unfrozen status when editing a unfrozen component
Preload non-local files Select “Environment” -> “Backup” from the tree on the left side of the dialog box. Erase the value in the “Global backup spec” field to prevent the creation of backup files when saving.
CMS-XML MANUAL Scheduler not selectable in ZDD when creating package.
The default Scheduler option is determined by the Installation Job Scheduler defined in ChangeMan ZMF Global Administration. The global default value determines whether you can change the Scheduler field for a new package:
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Unable to create package if illegal characters are present in the Description field
When copying text from Microsoft Word with bullets in the package description the package won't be created and the following, misleading error message is presented to the user: "No response from ChangeMan ZMF for Package Create request" If you change the bullets to * everything works fine.
CMS-XML Issue with ZDDOPTS member LANGMAP when using Smart Editor Integration.
If you edit a source component of type CBL with IDz's Smart Editor the Language field is set to 'COBOL' and the modifications are stored in the staging dataset, however if you use a like-SRC library type of C10. When you select 'Edit with' and then select the COBOL editor then in the Smart Editor Integration screen the Language field is blank.
CMS-XML VERSION statement is missing from DB2 compiles, when settings are set on in Global DB2 Admin.
When Option 1 is set, Package number should be set as the VERSION 'default', When Option 2 is NOT set, the VERSION field should be able to be edited during the BUILD dialog. When Option 2 is set to /, the VERSION field should READ ONLY during the BUILD dialog.
CMS-XML ZDD: Inconsistencies in ISPF and Client Pack invocation of HLLX BULD* routines
... users access to change component user options ... ... of the following fields are displayed – ... contain the expected value initialized in BULD ... < field name="UserOption0104" label="Token label 0104 - pre " required="N" uppercase="Y" readonly="N" validation="YN"/> < field name="UserOption104" label="Token label 104 - pre " required="N" uppercase="Y" readonly="N" validation="YN"/>
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZDD 8.2
The network name has been changed ... global notification messages have changed since the user last viewed them, a dialog box pops up to display the updated messages. ... The wizard compares change package component meta-data and the physical contents of the staging libraries. ... A “New name” field has been added ... The “New name” field is disabled (grayed ... For attach operations, you can automatically adjust the package install dates so that it falls within thevalid ... .NET Programming Interface Changes Changes to ZosApplication
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL checkout conflicts can be bypassed
In ZMF the ISPF behaviour regarding checkout conflict processing changed to resolve the issue described by DEF275061. Prior to the change a user had to set ‘CONFIRM OVERLAY’ to ‘YES’ to display component checkout conflicts on panel CMNCMPSW. If this field was set to ‘NO’ any checkout conflicts would NOT be displayed. After this change all users are forced to view any checkout conflicts before completing the checkout request.
CMS-XML Multiple builds for new components does not populate the BUILD PROC.
If I select a combination of old and new components then there is no problem and the fields are inserted. ... 10. Highlight all the new source members ( shift key and down).
CMS-XML Multiple builds for new components does not allow for the selection of the BUILD PROC.
If you select a combination of old and new components then there is no problem and the fields are inserted. ... 10. Highlight all the new source members ( shift key and down).
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