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CMS-XML Receiving “Unhandled event loop exception” in error log, when user has “READ ONLY” access to the application
Receiving “Unhandled event loop exception” in error log , when user has “READ ONLY” access to the application
CMS-XML Errors attempting to access object(s) in ZDD programming interface
Customer has reported that running their automatic user configuration VB script abends on the following statement using the CMN ZDD 5.6.0 client: Set objServers = objNetwork.Servers This results in the following error (info taken from event log ):
CMS-XML ZosNet not started when logging onto Citrix as a single application
ZosNet not started when logging onto Citrix as a single application
CMS-XML Disaster Recovery Keys for Mainframe Products
In the event of a real Disaster Recovery scenario or a planned Disaster Recovery test, you will need to request license keys to run your Micro Focus mainframe products on the Disaster Recovery CPU.
CMS-XML The supplied user buffer is not valid for the requested operation
Installed build #155 and get the following error when logging onto ZDD. "The supplied user buffer is not valid for the requested operation".
CMS-XML Security within ZDD.
Many customers restrict users/developers changing settings on their machines and on XP/W2K they have users setup as a "Restricted User" now if a user logs onto the machine with these settings the ZosNet process fails to startup. The workaround to this is setup users to be a "Standard User" which is not acceptable as now they belong the the "Power Users Group" and can install and make setting changes.
CMS-XML SAXParseException when password has expired
Customer is running an old version of the ZMF4ECL plugin. When logging into ZMF via ZMF4ECL (using Rdz), with an expired password, the user receives error 'SAXParseException with Premature End of File' message. The message does not provide sufficient information for the user to understand the problem.
CMS-XML NullPointerException when opening Cobol Editor in Edit\Browse mode.
Customer is running ZMF4ECL 813 and RDz 951 and they are receiving an NullPointerException when we right-click in the browse or edit of a COBOL program opened with COBOL editor. Below is the log : java.lang.NullPointerException
CMS-XML Potential userid regression if incorrect password entered once
If a user has ZMF package components checked out to a project/personal development library, they can use the ‘ChangeMan ZMF Checkin...’ option from the z/OS Projects perspective. If the user has also not already logged onto the ZMF system from the Serena perspective they will be prompted for their connection details. If the user types in the incorrect password at this point the initial checkin request fails but the password is stored somewhere that cannot be reset in this perspective.
CMS-XML Delivery failure when performing Client pack checkin from one ERO area to another for a large release.
There are 2199 eligible components for the application. A blank list is returned and the error log indicates a delivery failure. Same process works fine for the another application which has 466 eligible components.
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