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CMS-XML Using the new COMMAND XML in the ZDDOPTS causes errors.
When using the COMMAND XML in the ZDDOPTS you have to code it either by specific userID's or use the "*". You cannot combine the two, say for instance user SEXTON diable BUILD and DEMOTE and for the other "*" users enable these two options.
CMS-XML Running Java Ver. 9 and above can cause intermittent Error 500 messages to be issued.
A SOAP fault code was deprecated and removed in Java Ver. 9 and above
Platform ............ Status Detail: DESIGN/ CODE - APAR solution is being designed and coded.
CMS-XML HTTP 500 error connecting to ZMF web services.
faultDetail: {}:return code : 500 Error 500: java.lang.AbstractMethodError:
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Selective demote lists all promote-able package components
Selecting components that are not currently promoted from this dialog is liable to result in ‘DEMOTE Results – Return Code : 08 Reason Code : 3232 Message: CMN3232A – compname comptype....’-style errors being returned to the user.
CMS-XML S978-04 SERXMVS using ZDD 8.1.3 ‘Copy to data set’ function
00.52.46 S0574830 IEA705I ERROR DURING FREEMAIN SYS CODE = 978-04 SERSUPI3 SER3 00 00.52.46 S0574830 IEA705I 00F7D880 008A3708 008A3708 00030300 00404040 1D07C004 00.52.50 S0574830 IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT 168
CMS-XML Enable TAG not being honoured when set to N
In the COMMAND member of the ZDDOPTS dataset if you have the following coded : ... When connecting to the ZMF instance you will informed of any validation errors . NB : Once you have identified all the XML errors and resolved them, then please disable the TRACE's.
CMS-XML Disallow edit of data containing non-translatable characters
When editing the same component in RDz itself (8.5 client), RDz refuses to open the file for edit and issues the ‘round-trip’ error message CRRZI0487E. ... In the interim, the obvious workaround is to not imbed such non-display characters within component code if at all possible.
CMS-XML Internal Kernel Error
Internal Kernel Error
CMS-XML Open error on component when Split-mode Editor is used.
Open error on component when Split-mode Editor is used.
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