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CMS-XML Errors attempting to access object(s) in ZDD programming interface
Customer has reported that running their automatic user configuration VB script abends on the following statement using the CMN ZDD 5.6.0 client: Set objServers = objNetwork.Servers This results in the following error (info taken from event log):
CMS-XML ZDD Checkout from Promotion fails if Shadow Lib same as Promotion Lib
ZDD checkout from promotion fails when multiple promlibs are defined. For example, when the libraries are configured as follows:
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL to pass BULD01U* variable settings to submitted job
Several customers have 'hidden' component (i.e. USROPnn/CUSRnnn) or custom (i.e. Vnn) variables that they do not wish to display to users. The values associated with these variables can be set in the appropriate BULD01US and/or BULD01UV HLLXs, respectively. When the associated panels or windows have been displayed in ISPF or ZDD these variables are all set in the expected manner when the build job is submitted.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Changes not saved when made in smart editor browse session
Users are configured to allow browse of components using ZMF4ECL 'Smart Editor' functionality (both user preferences 'Smart editor integration active for Browse' and 'Warn when trying to save during Browse' are selected).
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.2 Patch 3
ZMF for Eclipse 8.2 Patch 3 has removed the dependency on ZMF Web Services. This simplifies the installation and configuration process as well the set-up process for SSL connections.
CMS-XML Smart editor changes not being saved to staging datasets
When components are changed in a ZMF4ECL 8.2 smart editor session the changes are not always being saved to the staging dataset. To date this has only be reported and recreated in international configurations (e.g. French environment, LCLCCSID=1147). Hence this may be a factor in the problem.
CMS-XML ZDD Library types defined for Panvalet and Librarian are not saved across reboot
Once added, you are able to work with Librarian and Panvalet files using ZDD. However, once you reboot the ZDD client workstation, the configured Library Types are lost. They have to be re-added after a reboot, before you can work with the files.
CMS-XML CMN2775A Component must be in unfrozen status when editing a unfrozen component
CodeWright 7.5 Update 3+ From CodeWright Menu, select “Tools” -> “ Customize ”. Select “Environment” -> “File Options” from the tree on the left side of the dialog box.
CMS-XML Data corruption inserting lines with > 80 editied through Codewright.
Implemented in ZDD 3.1 Build 147. This must be accompanied by CodeWright customization changes fixed in 7.5.3.
CMS-XML Smart Editor is not being invoked only the Default Editor.
Customer has installed ZMF4ECL 813 and in the previous version when they edited a member, the smart editor automatically opened and then launches the cobol editor and when you browse, cobol editor opens automatically. Despite the configuration (all tickboxes ticked in the ZMF/Eclipse Smart Editor Preferences) in v813 this does not work, it is the default editor that opens.
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