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CMS-XML Disabling non-ZMF functions from client pack interfaces
Disabling non-ZMF functions from client pack interfaces
CMS-XML Buffer problems with ZDD and interfacing with CodeWright.
Buffer problems with ZDD and interfacing with CodeWright.
CMS-XML Errors attempting to access object(s) in ZDD programming interface
Errors attempting to access object(s) in ZDD programming interface
CMS-XML NotifyDelay not set correctly when running VB script.
In the programming interface guide, "NotifyDelay" can be set using VB scripts. However this does not work as expected. After execution of the script, NotifyDelay is containing the port number (NotifyPort) instead of the value set in the script for Delay.
CMS-XML ZDD: No component rename option on checkin
When using the ISPF interface option 1.6.1/5.S1 or the ZMF4ECL ‘Checkin From Local File...’ option, a user can specify a new name to be applied to the component within the package. This option is not available from the ZDD ‘Check in to package’ function. The component must be renamed prior to it being checked into the package.
CMS-XML ZDD checkout conflicts are not displayed before checkout is executed
oth the ZMF4ECL and ISPF interfaces allow (and will eventually force) users to see potential checkout conflicts prior to executing the checkout request. Currently ZDD does not offer this functionality. Checkouts can be executed with users unaware that the component is also being changed in other packages that are in motion.
CMS-XML Unable to UNINSTALL the ZMF4ECL Plugin.
When you install ZMF4ECL 8.2 Patch 2 or 3 you are unable to uninstall the plugin from the RDz interface or the Command Line. You can only install over the top of the existing plugin.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Inconsistency in edit and build after package revert
If a package displays as frozen (FRZ) in the ZMF4ECL client and is subsequently reverted elsewhere (e.g by a different user, in the ISPF interface , etc.) components can be edited in the ZMF4ECL session. That is to say that the Edit and Edit With... options are available when right-clicking on a SRC component and work OK. However, the Build option is not available until the package folder is refreshed and the package status updated.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Component and user variables set in BULD01Ux not passed to submitted JCL
Component and user variables being set in HLLXs BULD01US or BULD01UV are not being passed to the file tailored component build job in the ZMF4ECL interface . They are being passed if the relevant panels are displayed and exits executed in the ISPF interface.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Attempts to checkout from another package fail with CMN8490I
In ZMF 8.1.2 new functionality was added to the ISPF interface to allow users to fully checkout components directly from one package to another. This functionality was extended to ZMF4ECL in the 8.1.3 release of the client software. However, attempts to use this functionality from ZMF4ECL 8.1.3 when connected to a ZMF Server task running at or lower will fail with the following error:
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