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CMS-XML NullPointerException when opening Cobol Editor in Edit\Browse mode.
NullPointerException when opening Cobol Editor in Edit\Browse mode.
CMS-XML Issue with ZDDOPTS member LANGMAP when using Smart Editor Integration.
If you edit a source component of type CBL with IDz's Smart Editor the Language field is set to ' COBOL ' and the modifications are stored in the staging dataset, however if you use a like-SRC library type of C10. When you select 'Edit with' and then select the COBOL editor then in the Smart Editor Integration screen the Language field is blank.
CMS-XML Smart Editor is not being invoked only the Default Editor.
Customer has installed ZMF4ECL 813 and in the previous version when they edited a member, the smart editor automatically opened and then launches the cobol editor and when you browse, cobol editor opens automatically. Despite the configuration (all tickboxes ticked in the ZMF/Eclipse Smart Editor Preferences) in v813 this does not work, it is the default editor that opens.
CMS-XML Problems with Compare functionality, regarding PLI copybooks.
When using the compare dialog against a PLI copybook gives COBOL Structure Compare. Also, expanding the details and clicking any of the structure items, causes an error to be issued.
CMS-XML Comparing two SRC modules does not exclude the first 1-6 columns.
When trying to compare two SRC modules (one from staging and the other from baseline) the Compare module loads but highlights and changes in columns 1-6. These should not be highlighted and even if you have in the Eclipse\Window\Preferences under COBOL and Compare\Patch there is an option to select to check the first 6 chars and if you enable this it still shows the changes.
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZDD not Setting &DB2PCLL Correctly
// REGION=3M, // PARM=('HOST( COBOL 390)', // ''),
<map language="MFS" extension="asm" /> <map language=" COBOL 2" extension="SRC" /> </profile>

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