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CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: SAXParseException error displayed in relation to failed user logon attempt
ZMF4ECL: SAXParseException error displayed in relation to failed user logon attempt
CMS-XML Logon dialog box will not allow the '#' to be entered in the 'User ID' field
When customer displays the Server Properties page, from the 'Connection' tab the 'Test' button is selected. When the Logon dialog box is displayed, customer tries to enter '#9VW' in the 'User ID' field. The Logon dialog box will not allow the '#' to be entered.
CMS-XML Incorrect Logoff\Logon Menu option when XCH port is disabled.
Incorrect Logoff\ Logon Menu option when XCH port is disabled.
CMS-XML Intermittent S33E abends during ZMF4ECL CONNECT/LOGON
Intermittent S33E abends during ZMF4ECL CONNECT/ LOGON
CMS-XML Potential userid regression if incorrect password entered once
The issue can be circumvented by switching to the Serena perspective after the initial failure, and logging on to the ZMF instance with the correct password. However, some users may already have re-tried the checkin expecting to be re-prompted for their password. This will have resulted in four failed logon attempts which will often exceed the installation defined maximum.
CMS-XML ZDD hangs when called from TeamTrack.
TeamTrack server is running as a Windows service (IIS) and is using the ZDD API to interact with ZMF. Windows services run as Windows session 0, and have an invisible desktop since they can run when nobody is logged on . ZDD has an instance of ZosNet running for each Windows session (each desktop). The instance of ZosNet that services session 0 for services also runs as a Windows service.
CMS-XML Problem restricting use of ZDD in a virtualised multi-user environment
The problem is related to Citrix-based users. Effectively the customer has multiple users logged on to the same machine in virtual sessions. Currently ZDD cannot handle this in a manner that will allow a mix of users who are authorized to use ZDD and those that are not.
CMS-XML Silent Install does not allow Network ID's to run ZDD with USER rights.
When you perform a silent install with Admin rights and then logon with a user which has "USER" rights. You get "XML writer is in incorrect state for requested operation". Then \\ZDD\CMZMF is not accessible.
CMS-XML Add ability to backout and revert all P sites, from DP site connection, using ZMF4ECL.
Using the current plug-in, the user must login to both the "DP" and "P" site to perform a backout, when multiple site are specified for the install.
CMS-XML CMN408I - Component activated messages, incorrectly sent to TSO user.
When a component is activated using the checkin/stage dialog, CMN408I - Component activated messages are incorrectly sent to the TSO user ID, if the user is logged on . Since message is already being sent to the user ID logged into the Eclipse client, the additional CMN408I message sent to TSO is confusing.
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