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CMS-XML Default Job Cards cannot be changed and then saved.
Default JOBCARDs defined in window >> preferences >> ZMF/Eclipse >> Jobcard Options cannot be changed and then saved.
CMS-XML Comparing two SRC modules does not exclude the first 1-6 columns.
When trying to compare two SRC modules (one from staging and the other from baseline) the Compare module loads but highlights and changes in columns 1-6. These should not be highlighted and even if you have in the Eclipse\Window\ Preferences under COBOL and Compare\Patch there is an option to select to check the first 6 chars and if you enable this it still shows the changes.
CMS-XML Smart Editor is not being invoked only the Default Editor.
Customer has installed ZMF4ECL 813 and in the previous version when they edited a member, the smart editor automatically opened and then launches the cobol editor and when you browse, cobol editor opens automatically. Despite the configuration (all tickboxes ticked in the ZMF/Eclipse Smart Editor Preferences ) in v813 this does not work, it is the default editor that opens.
CMS-XML Enable TAG not being honoured when set to N
Go into RDz and select Window\ Preferences \ZMF/Eclipse and then go into TRACE. Enable all options, then log off the ZMF connection in RDZ and re-connect again. When connecting to the ZMF instance you will informed of any validation errors. NB : Once you have identified all the XML errors and resolved them, then please disable the TRACE's.
CMS-XML Debugging information (Progress Information Popup) being displayed even if toggled off.
When performing a Package Create with PCRE00PU and PCRE01PU HLLX Exits active when you do the package create through ZMF4ECL you get the following message in the Progress Information Popup. Calling ZMF High Level Language Exit: PCRE00PU. Even if you have HLLX Tracing disabled in RDz under Window, Preferences , ZMF/Eclipse.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: ZDDOPTS SYSLIB member having no impact on property group overrides
For example, promotion datasets seem to be permanently specified regardless of whether they are included in SYSLIB or not. Similarly, wallpaper datasets are never applied/overridden in the property group. The ‘Use ZMF SYSLIB Service (8.1.3 and above)’ preference appears to have no effect on behaviour.
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 8.2 Patch 3
You can display the results of the compare process in a tab by unselecting the "Display comparison reports in Dialog" option. This option is available in ZMF4ECL Preferences under the Settings tab.
CMS-XML Errors when attempting to depoly ZMFWSEAR to WebSphere HTTP server.
The application contains validation errors. Correct the errors in the Problems view before publishing the application on the server. If you want to allow applications containing errors to be published on the server, enable the Allow applications containing errors to be published on a server check box (Windows > Preferences >Servers > WebSphere).

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