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CMS-XML ZDD: Unable to stage a like-load component into a package
on the ZDD Network – Check in to package dialog. Attempting to drag-and-drop the component pre-selects an adjacent library type, not the one selected.
CMS-XML Issue viewing recompiled components in ZDD
... source for recompiled components in a package ... ... via wordpad the component which was recompiled you get unrecognisable characters back ... In ZMF you cannot view the source within the stage option of the package, which is correct, so it has to be decided if we let ZDD view the source of the baselined component for a recompiled component or issue a windows message to say "Invalid Command" from ZDD when trying to EDIT\OPEN the recompiled source member.
CMS-XML Component History information incorrect for HFS components.
When trying to get the component history for HFS components through ZDD it seems that ZDD displays incorrect information or no information as to what is displayed in ZMF's Component History.
CMS-XML Unable to see generated LOD and LST when a BUILD is submitted.
Using the ZDD 6.1.1 GA client version, the LST and LOD components are not viewable following the build of a source member. If you connect to a ZMF 5.6.2 subsystem and select a package with a checked out source member in it, the BUILD operation completes successfully and activates the source. However, the associated LST and LOD members are not seen in their corresponding folders when viewed through ZDD.
CMS-XML Query component fails with an exception.
The problem is with Query Component View. When you run for the first time and perform a query component directly by a refresh in the query component view you get an unhandled exception. See below:
CMS-XML Issue viewing recompiled components in ZDD
In ZDD 5.6.x, you were able to view the baseline source for recompiled components in a package. In ZDD 6.1.1, if you choose the recompiled component from the package, and select the edit option or open it via wordpad, you get unrecognisable characters back when the file is opened. In ZDD 5.6.x the same actions displayed the source of the baseline member it was recompiled from.
CMS-XML Open error on component when Split-mode Editor is used.
In RD/z if you select Window\Split Mode for the editor, when you do the first save on a component and close the edit session any subsequent edits on the same component result in a component lock error and you are unable to edit the component again.
CMS-XML Multiple builds for new components does not populate the BUILD PROC.
When you attempt to perform multiple builds for newly checked in components into a package the build panel requires a selection for the Language and the Build procedure before continuing. Now, you are able to select a language but not a build procedure (as none is presented to me) and on selecting finish to run the build I get a message stating that I must "make a selection in the Drop down list".
CMS-XML Recompile multiple Components fails with CMN8502I – Member List/count is invalid.
When you select more than one component for Recompile you get error message: ”CMN8502I – Member List/count is invalid”
CMS-XML Unable to promote multiple componets when HLLX PRDM0003 is active with shortlist='Y'.
When PRDM0003 is active and the following variable is set: shortList='Y' When the screen displays where you select the components , if you select multiple components as only the first component is promoted.
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