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CMS-XML ZDD hangs when called from TeamTrack.
TeamTrack server is running as a Windows service (IIS) and is using the ZDD API to interact with ZMF. Windows services run as Windows session 0, and have an invisible desktop since they can run when nobody is logged on. ZDD has an instance of ZosNet running for each Windows session (each desktop). The instance of ZosNet that services session 0 for services also runs as a Windows service.
CMS-XML Smart Editor setup fails with "Target Resource not found" message.
Smart Editor setup may fail with a "Target Resource Not Found" or a "Source Resource Not Found" message in some international environments. The error is due to the data set names not being translated properly before calling a RDZ Copy API .
CMS-XML Site name list not being correctly filtered
The site name dropdown list in the "New Package" wizard for DP sites, is not being correctly filtered to exclude sites with no production libraries. The same is true for the GetSiteNames method of the ZosApplication class of the .NET API , which gets its site names from the same source.
CMS-XML Data corruption inserting lines with > 80 editied through Codewright.
CodeWright development is working on a patch which will allow you to do this very easily without the need to edit the "cwright.ini" files and API macros. This will be available in about two months in the next CodeWright patch and will be far more user friendly.
CMS-XML IBM Unicode Services Red Alert (APAR OA48941) and Serena Software Mainframe Products
- the ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack, including both the ChangeMan ZDD and ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse (ZMF4ECL) products. - any Serena-supplied or ‘homegrown’ solutions that utilise the native ChangeMan ZMF web services, the ‘ZMF Connector’ web services (a.k.a. the ‘ARM’, ‘RLM’, 'RC', 'SDA' and ‘Mainframe Connector’ web services) or the ChangeMan ZDD API . - Comparex customers that utilise Unicode facilities and options.

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