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CMS-XML Potential userid regression if incorrect password entered once
The issue can be circumvented by switching to the Serena perspective after the initial failure, and logging on to the ZMF instance with the correct password. However, some users may already have re-tried the checkin expecting to be re-prompted for their password. This will have resulted in four failed logon attempts which will often exceed the installation defined maximum.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: SAXParseException error displayed in relation to failed user logon attempt
ZMF4ECL: SAXParseException error displayed in relation to failed user logon attempt
CMS-XML Silent Install does not allow Network ID's to run ZDD with USER rights.
When you perform a silent install with Admin rights and then logon with a user which has " USER " rights. You get "XML writer is in incorrect state for requested operation". Then \\ZDD\CMZMF is not accessible.
CMS-XML Smart Editor setup fails with "Target Resource not found" message.
Smart Editor setup fails with "Target Resource not found" message.
CMS-XML Silent install of ZDD 3.2.1 (Build 183) fails
Attempts to perform a silent install of CMN ZDD 3.2.1 (Build 183) fail. Customer's Windows 2000 install ends with:
CMS-XML Security within ZDD.
Many customers restrict users /developers changing settings on their machines and on XP/W2K they have users setup as a "Restricted User " now if a user logs onto the machine with these settings the ZosNet process fails to startup. The workaround to this is setup users to be a "Standard User" which is not acceptable as now they belong the the "Power Users Group" and can install and make setting changes.
CMS-XML ZDD Checkout from Promotion fails if Shadow Lib same as Promotion Lib
ZDD checkout from promotion fails when multiple promlibs are defined. For example, when the libraries are configured as follows:
CMS-XML Add ability to backout and revert all P sites, from DP site connection, using ZMF4ECL.
Using the current plug-in, the user must login to both the "DP" and "P" site to perform a backout, when multiple site are specified for the install .
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL 8.1.2 fails to handle empty ZDDOPTS PROMOTE profile
A customer was upgrading from ZMF4ECL 7.1.3 to 8.1.2. After installing the new client attempts to promote a package in ZMF4ECL failed . After a user selected the ‘Promote...’ option on the package no response was received.
CMS-XML Unable to install ZDD 8.1.1 due to issue with C++ 2015 Update 1
In some environments, installation of ZDD 8.1.1 (build 500) is failing as C++ 2015 Update 1 is no longer available for installation from the Microsoft website.
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