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CMS-XML "Retain details" check box is greyed out when using checkin from development library.
"Retain details" check box is greyed out when using checkin from development library.
CMS-XML zFS package files not accessible from ZMF4ECL in international environments
SER2551T CMNSUP0 0040/00000000 00000000 00007EF4 00000000 F1F0F4F5 61A461A2 8599A261 8485A561 *..........=4....1045/u/sers/ dev /*
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Make promotion history available from package and component menus
Command ===> Scroll ===> CSR Package: DEMA000071 Status: DEV Install date: 20190331 Count Promotion Date Time User Status History
CMS-XML Potential userid regression if incorrect password entered once
If a user has ZMF package components checked out to a project/personal development library, they can use the ‘ChangeMan ZMF Checkin...’ option from the z/OS Projects perspective. If the user has also not already logged onto the ZMF system from the Serena perspective they will be prompted for their connection details. If the user types in the incorrect password at this point the initial checkin request fails but the password is stored somewhere that cannot be reset in this perspective.
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF and Supported Releases
The maintenance status of ChangeMan ZMF (and associated products) can be found on the Support Site. Click here to navigate to the page containing "Changeman ZMF products -- versions and maintenance status". The page provides details on the various releases of ChangeMan ZMF, such as, the date it was first announced, the current maintenance release, the date on which current maintenance was announced, and the "End of Development " date.
CMS-XML ‘Confirm Overlay’ confirmation window incorrectly shown on package component checkout to personal library
If a ZMF4ECL user expands the package folder components and selects the Checkout option to populate a personal development library member with the package contents they are presented with the ‘Confirm Overlay’ window. This states that the ‘The following components already exist in this package and will be replaced’ and is issued regardless of the component existing in the target library or not. This is misleading in this context and should not be issued.
CMS-XML Checkin from ZMF Checkouts view always uses staging dataset – not personal library
Checkin requests executed from the ZMF Checkouts view always appear to use the staging dataset as input. However, if the component has been checked out from the package to a personal development library this is incorrect.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Checkout to personal lib fails for renamed component
If a new SRC component has been staged into a package using the ISPF ‘stage from development’ (1.6.1/S1) option, renamed in the process, and not subsequently built, an attempt to check it out to a personal development library in ZMF4ECL will fail. This is because the dialog references the original member name, not the renamed SRC component. The following type of message will be returned if the user attempts to continue the checkout request:
CMS-XML Site information for DIS package can be updated in ZMF4ECL
In the ISPF interface, the site information associated with a package in DIStributed status cannot be updated. The package must be reverted to DEVelopment status before this can occur.
CMS-XML It is possible to edit a z/os dataset simultaneously in ISPF and in ZDD
Rejected by Research and Development - working as designed. Additional Information: This is a limitation in Windows.
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