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CMS-XML ZDD binary file transmission fails using 8.2 Patch 2+ Server
A customer is in the process of upgrading their ZMF environment (base and client pack) from to 8.2 Patch 3. They transmit zip files from their Windows environment to datasets on MVS using the ZDD upload dataset functionality. These datasets are subsequently expanded and unzipped in their USS/zFS environment for use there.
CMS-XML Failures communicating with ZMF 8.1.2 Servers using older ZMF4ECL clients
Failures communicating with ZMF 8.1.2 Servers using older ZMF4ECL clients
CMS-XML Retain Detail fails to remember "Checkin Options" on the Checkin panel.
If we have a program checked out in a z/OS Project and do a "ChangeMan ZMF checkin" and set the "Retain detail" flag and build then these "Checkin Options" are not remembered next time we do a "ChangeMan ZMF checkin". This will leave the Server , Application, Package and Library type blank.
CMS-XML ZDD: Site information updated in HLLX PUPD0007 displays but cannot be updated on Server
When package installation details are updated in PUPD0007 and displayed with dataLocked=YES, the changes are visible on the ZDD package Properties – Site tab. However, the ‘Apply’ button is greyed out which implies that no changes are available to make. Clicking the OK button also fails to apply the changes made by the HLLX.
CMS-XML Members starting with § cannot be changed and saved using ZDD.
Or "Cannot create the \\ server \filename file. Make sure that the path and file name are correct."
CMS-XML (500)Internal Server Error attempting to use ZMF 8.2 web services on WebSphere Application Server
However, attempts to connect to a ZMF Server from the ZMF4ECL 8.2 client software (builds 422 & 423) fail with a (500)Internal Server Error. The log file associated with the WAS profile shows the following errors:
CMS-XML Upgrading from ZDD 3.2.1 to 5.6.0 creates additional and corrupt server entries
Investigation here so far suggests that it is clear that processing has changed in this area. Prior to upgrade only the machine's logical connection appeared under the 'Serena Network' folder (i.e. the XCH server). After upgrade all locations mapped to a network drive now appear.
CMS-XML Errors when attempting to depoly ZMFWSEAR to WebSphere HTTP server.
Publish failed with errors, warnings or both. Please see server logs for more details.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Attempts to checkout from another package fail with CMN8490I
CMN8490I - Check out from was not specified. We should disable the ZMF4ECL ‘checkout from another package’ functionality when users are connected to a ZMF Server running lower than 8.1.2.
CMS-XML BrowseComponent web service fails and crashes tomcat accessing specific component
The customer is blaming repeated attempts to browse this component as the issue that leads to a memory leak in the application server that requires a restart of Tomcat to resolve: ... INFO: Waiting for 133 instance (s) to be deallocated
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