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CMS-XML No jobs are displayed in z/OS Jobs tree, when Job Name is set to *.
When the plugin is initially installed, the z/OS Jobs - Default Job Filter in set to * for Job Name and the user's 'userid' for Job Owner. Using this setting, no jobs are displayed. If the filter is changed so that Job Name is at least partially qualified, the jobs will be displayed.
CMS-XML Edited ZDD jobnames not being saved for subsequent job submission
When submitting a ZMF build job within ZDD whilst changing the jobname to a non- default name (i.e., a name which is not of the form USERID + 1 character) then the new format jobname is not retained for subsequent job submissions. It automatically reverts to the default model jobname for the next request.
CMS-XML ZDD: No component rename option on checkin
When using the ISPF interface option 1.6.1/5.S1 or the ZMF4ECL ‘Checkin From Local File...’ option, a user can specify a new name to be applied to the component within the package. This option is not available from the ZDD ‘Check in to package’ function. The component must be renamed prior to it being checked into the package.
CMS-XML High level DSN qualifier does not allow wild characters.
None of the property pages for the "DataSets" folder allow a wild character to be specified in the high level qualifier of a data set name filter. These filters are not used to search catalogs, and there is no reason to disallow wild characters in the high level qualifier.
CMS-XML Site name list not being correctly filtered
The site name dropdown list in the "New Package" wizard for DP sites, is not being correctly filtered to exclude sites with no production libraries. The same is true for the GetSiteNames method of the ZosApplication class of the .NET API, which gets its site names from the same source.
CMS-XML ZDD: ZDDOPTS PKGCREAT variables displayed in variable name order
CMNDPUP1 to determine whether the second Package User Information panel panel so that you do not display field USR0199 on CMNDPUP1, you must still set a
CMS-XML If the promotion name is blank or null it returns Staging user when performing a Selective Promote.
This is an intermittent issue where the USERID that is displayed in the Selective Promotion ZMF4ECL Panel is not consistant to what is displayed in ZMF panel (CMNRPM05) when performing a selective Promote. It has been identified that if the promotion name is blank or null it returns Staging user – otherwise is returns promote user when a component is restaged.
CMS-XML HASX22B cannot be assembled under JES 1.4.
CMS-XML ZDDOPTS not honouring the default Db2Subsystem
<?xml version="1.0"?> <options name ="BUILD"> <profile application="*" language="*" procname="*" libtype="SRC">
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL 8.1.3 issue with 'Variable Name' not being displayed as coded in ZDDOPTS BUILD component
<field name="UserOption202" readonly="N" label="DB2 Bind Env. " required="N" validation="ALPNANUM" default ="S10K"/
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