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CMS-XML Errors attempting to access object(s) in ZDD programming interface
Customer has reported that running their automatic user configuration VB script abends on the following statement using the CMN ZDD 5.6.0 client: Set objServers = objNetwork.Servers This results in the following error ( info taken from event log):
CMS-XML HLLX BULD01US cursorField is not working in ZMF4ECL.
Attempts to set the HLLX cursorField to point to specific fields in ZMF4ECL using the exit BULD01US fails to have the desired effect . The cursor is not placed at the desired field.
CMS-XML Changes to Daylight Saving Time in 2007 - Impact to ZDD
Is ChangeMan ZDD affected by the changes to Daylight Savings Time in 2007? Background information :
CMS-XML OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug and impact on Serena products
A security flaw has been discovered in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library that is used by up to two thirds of the internet. There is no evidence that Serena or your data has been compromised in any way. More information about the security advisory is available at
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: ZDDOPTS SYSLIB member having no impact on property group overrides
Working in an IDz environment, the contents of the ZDDOPTS SYSLIB member appear to have no effect on the property group overrides applied during a Smart Editor session. For example, promotion datasets seem to be permanently specified regardless of whether they are included in SYSLIB or not. Similarly, wallpaper datasets are never applied/overridden in the property group.
CMS-XML VB Scripts which call XML result in "Invalid XML document in message body"
<scope name="SERVICE"> <message name=" DATA "> <result>
CMS-XML ZDD: Site information updated in HLLX PUPD0007 displays but cannot be updated on Server
Similarly, if other changes are made to the package properties which do result in the ‘Apply’ button being enabled, pressing that or ‘OK’ again fails to update the installation date information .
CMS-XML Errors when attempting to depoly ZMFWSEAR to WebSphere HTTP server.
Publish failed with errors, warnings or both. Please see server logs for more details .
CMS-XML Blue screen issued in ZDD when trying to view packages.
A problem has been identified at a customer site where users cannot view the contents of packages in ZDD. All the happens is that ZDD blue screens. The customer is running ZDD 3.1.1
CMS-XML Component History information incorrect for HFS components.
When trying to get the component history for HFS components through ZDD it seems that ZDD displays incorrect information or no information as to what is displayed in ZMF's Component History.
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