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CMS-XML TRANSFORM examples in CNM SSM Detect and Synchronization Guide and Getting Started Guide are Incorrect
TRANSFORM examples in CNM SSM Detect and Synchronization Guide and Getting Started Guide are Incorrect
CMS-XML Problems executing REXXTRAN.
When the customer runs the REXX member REXXTRAN which is delivered in the SAMPLES Library for calling the HPSTRANS from a Rexx. It selects HPSZCNTL module which then in turn calls the HPSTRANS module. When the customer does this the REXX abends on the SELECT CMD(HPSZCNTL HPSTRANS) statement with an S047-04 abend.
CMS-XML MRT Zero reference report - SYSOUT DD handling.
When running the MRTRPT member in the SAMPLES dataset and you omit the SYSOUT DD statement you correctly receive the ICE158A message saying that the SYSOUT DD STATEMENT is missing. However, the step receives a RC=0 and the Zero Reference report shows 0 unreferenced members. If you run the the exact same report with the SYSOUT DD statement coded you get a successful report showing unreferenced members.
CMS-XML SSM830: MRT Zero References in DB2 table INSTALL(DB2SETUP)
A re there only 10 "MEMBER"s within this DB2 table in sample job SSM.INSTALL(DB2SETUP)? Or is the
CMS-XML SSM832: S0C4 Abend at OFFSET=172E during HPSMAINT processing, removing old backups from the Delta Master database
Getting S0C4 Abend at OFFSET=172E during HPSMAINT processing, attempting to delete backup members older than 30 days. Using the sample JCL below:
CMS-XML S878 abends running HPSMAINT and HPSINTEG for 4GB delta master file
A customer attempting to run the SVMAINT (HPSMAINT) and SVINTEG (HPSINTEG) jobs for a ZMF 8.1 GA (SSM 8.4.0) delta master file that is very close to the 4GB limit and is experiencing S878 abends in both utilities. Sample symptom dump follows:
CMS-XML HPSTRACK utility adds hex '00' to end of history output and LRECL changed to LRECL=134
The lrecl also gets changed to lrecl=134 Sample Job ---------------
CMS-XML SSM823: MRT(Member Reference Tracking) Zero Reference Report Enhancement Requests
Please see the REPORT= FILE or BOTH parm creating output records consisting of the data set name and member name(s), both for the MRT report and the Zero Reference report. Also, please refer to the MRTLOAD and ZRFLOAD jobs provides in the SAMPLES distribution library for loading the output of such a request into a DB2 table.
CMS-XML SSM823: Need information regarding implementing MLS w/ACF2
RACF SECURITY FOR MLS This appendix provides sample commands for setting up SAF Security checking for Member Level Security (MLS) protected Entities. Note:
CMS-XML SSM HPSWORK2 DD specification information
If HPSWORK2 is big enough to hold their largest PDS, that should be sufficient for all circumstances. Sample //HPSWORK DD specification: //HPSWORK DD DISP=(,DELETE),
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