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TEXT DEF244314.hf1.installinstr.txt
Following are installation instructions: 1) Save the attachment to disk 2) File transwer it to MVS as a binary file. The receiving file should be RECFM=FB,LRECL=80,BLKSIZE=multipleof80 3) Issue TSO RECEIVE INDS(yourtransferredfile) against the transferred file on MVS 4) RECEIVE will ask you for further parameters, if you just hit enter (null reply) it will allocate a dataset As with any hotfix, please install in a TEST SSM environment before placing it in the SSM prod instance.
CMS-XML InstallShield Wizard
1) The install shield DOES NOT install the product on the PC. The install shield creates a folder with version number and entry indicating that the mainframe product files are unloaded from the CD onto your PC. The installer copies the compressed product files to your local PC and installs the file transfer software (FTP). FTP jcl is used to transfer these files to the mainframe where the product files are put back into standard format using tso transmit and the installation actually occurs.
CMS-XML SSM832 New REBUILD parameter of the SHOW command allows you to rebuild an existing Change Tracking environment to another system
This helps in transferring an existing tracking environment setup to a new system. It requires the specification of a //REBUILD DD, or it is ignored.
CMS-XML SER10TY 4.3.1 Patch
The files above were created using TSO XMIT. To properly unload the files on your mainframe, you must upload each file using the binary transfer method, and unload them using the TSO RECEIVE command. Detailed instructions on receiving files are attached to this Solution as $RECEIVE.DOC.
CMS-XML HPS0183W HPSTRANS Basket damage type 8: Data for an update file is missing
Explanation: During transfer of the basket, some unknown problem occurred. For the

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