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CMS-XML BASE=LOAD EXCLDSN gets HPS0577W HPSTRANS invalid attributes for an FGP
... /STEPLIB DD DISP =SHR, ... ... // DD DISP =SHR, ... ... 0), DISP =SHR //FPRZZ DD DSN=SSM.FNGRPRNT.GDG2(0), DISP =SHR ... // DISP =(,CATLG,DELETE), ... // DISP =(,CATLG,DELETE), ... //HPSWORK DD DISP =(,DELETE), ... //HPSWORK2 DD DISP =(,DELETE), ... // DD DISP =SHR,DSN=TST.TEST.SEQ ... has invalid attributes for an FGP data set. Attribute Required Actual
PDF Serena(TM) ChangeMan(TM) ZMF Version 5
The above required change is also documented in the comments of the MAIL4NFY and NOTE4NFY JCL members. ... Solution Solution Title 13391 Change Tracking event fields showing N/A and not expected data. ... V 8.2.0 Change Tracking Update events are being displayed as Add instead of Update. ... V 8.2.0 Events have data field of GLOBAL when should have explicit field information, when MRT was not started before GLOBAL processing.
CMS-XML SSM823: HPS2114W then HPS0104E message sequence
... HPS2114W View failed RC= ... ... = 'macro form ', ... in the FDBK field . ... about interpreting these fields . ... 41:31 View failed RC= ... ... 41:34 View failed RC= ... HPS2114W HPSRTO 06:41:36 View failed RC=16 Obj: LIB.ALL.C1.LOAD ... HPS2114W HPSRTO 06:41:38 View failed RC=16 Obj: LIB.ALL.C1.LOADAPF ... HPS2114W HPSRTO 06:41:40 View failed RC=16 Obj: LIB.ALL.DA.LOAD
CMS-XML HPS0104E in batch Global Capture
View successful ... View successful ... MACRF = 'macro form ', ... reason code (RPLERRCD) is in the FDBK field . ... Macro Instructions for Data Sets, for information about interpreting these fields .
HTML Serena® ChangeMan® SSM Version 8.2.2 Readme File Last updated on 14 July 2005
1.2 Panel Enhancements In several panel field descriptions, "Job Name" has been changed to "Member Name". The " View Basket" panel now fails if no entry is specified, or a truncation error is encountered. ... Trailing quote marks are now optional in data set name fields on several panels. On ISPF panels allowing a data set name pattern specification, quotes are no longer required . ... Additional messages are displayed to provide information when using these commands.
CMS-XML SSM821: Erroneous message HPS053E displayed on panel HPSUEV1
When you try and select events with a date range on panel HPSUEV1 SSM produces an incorrect message HPS053E when any dates are inputted for the FROM field . 1. From SSM go into C - Change Tracking. 2. Then 3 - Query Events.
CMS-XML HPS0100I HPSTRANS Dynamic allocation SVC99 error field = x'0218' info = x'0000
CMS-XML HPS0100W HPSTRANS Dynamic allocation SVC99 error field = x'0210' RC= 004
When this situation occurs please review the use of the ENQ= (y/n) command. A "y" (the default) attempts to allocate all the data set involved with a DISP =OLD, an "n" attempts to allocate the data set with DISP =SHR. This might be your solution, to include at the top your your command stack, ENQ=N.
CMS-XML SSM823: MRT (Member Reference Tracking) causing S0C1 Abend in VPS, required an IPL to resolve
Please review the revised instructions within the MRTRP (INSTALL library) member. This explains the various forms of the MRT report which are now available. The MRT document clarifies the relationship between the three MRT Tables used by SSM for Member Reference Tracking processing.
CMS-XML SSM 8.6 started task contains new SERALOG DD for ACTLOG file
A new required file and DD have been added to the SSM started task. ... One dataset is required for each instance of the started task. ... DISP =SHR,DSN=somenode.CMNSSM.ACTLOG.LPAR
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