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CMS-XML S0C4 Abend when changing STEPLIB order
The people that have been investigating this problem have somehow latched onto an SSM module, HPSIBLDL, which, coincidentally, is not present in the dump. They would now like to know what this module does and what role does it play in the overall scheme of things? Please refer to the attachment for further information. I have also uploaded the two jobs (one that was successful and one that failed) to your server for further analysis :
CMS-XML SSM830: Minor panel change HPSHTF59 DRM -> SSM
ChangeMan SSM, 8.3.0 DETAILS: Change help panel example to use SSM instead of DRM as a node name.
CMS-XML SUPERUSER.FILESYS security messages in ChangeMan SSM started task
The ChangeMan SSM started task is getting the following RACF security violations. The documentation had no references to RACF security changes that needed to be made. ICH408I USER(STRS ) GROUP(STRSUP ) NAME(STARTOOL SUPPORT )
CMS-XML S0F8 followed by S0C4 in HPSRTO in ssm started task
With AUTOTRACK=NO, the ssm started task starts successfully. Changing AUTOTRACK=YES results in s0f8 followed by s0c4 in HPSRTO abend. 12.58.41 STC18463 ChangeMan SSM RTO activated.
CMS-XML Failing email STC in REXX MAIL2EXE for HFS file names greater than 44 chars.
PARM= 9ΓΈ X= 0000F980 275 +++ DSNAME = substr(dsntmp,1,(pos(' ',dsntmp)-1)) /* DSNAME of changed */ 248 +++ call PARSEMSG
CMS-XML SSM832 Enhance run times of housekeeping jobs, and keep STC's active during backups.
member available in SSM V832 fix number SSM83201, will ALTER ( change ) the SHAREOPTIONS of the Site, Object and Delta Master databases to (1,3), for customers running with RLS (Record Level Sharing) specified in their HPSPARMS parmlib member (RLS YES). With RLS active, the SHAREOPTIONS are not used, however, they are used only when the $
CMS-XML SSM started task abend S106 Reason 0000000C
HPS2106I HPSRTO 00:00:18 SERU field RsnCode : x'00000000' HPS2107I HPSRTO 00:00:18 SERUEXT field SERH_32K: x'28363000' changed to x'00000000' HPS2107I HPSRTO 00:00:18 SERUEXT field SERH_08K: x'3852D000' changed to x'00000000'
CMS-XML Started task S878 running mass checkin with SSV enabled
10.18.19 S0888071 IEA705I 00FC6400 008B69D8 008B69D8 00007200 00400000 As a temporary circumvention, the customer has reset the affected library types to never save staging versions in application admin. Please note that this abend occurs even AFTER installation of the hotfix for DEF235217.
CMS-XML SSM Abends with an S0C1 in the RTCT STC when bringing down SMSVSAM, module HPSTASK1 at OFFSET=0F94
As SSM RTCT uses RLS (optionally specified, in parmlib member, HPSPARMS), and RLS relies on SMSVSAM, when SMSVSAM is brought down while the SSM STC is active, the SSM RTCT (Real Time Change Tracking) STC abends with an 0C1.
CMS-XML RCT (Real Time Change Tracking) Event Reporting in DETECT DD when Sharing Master Files
If for some reason the 'master' ssm stc is unresponsive for a certain length of time, ssm will switch the 'master' status to one of the other ssm stc's. Messages indicating the switch are written to the ssm started task . These messages are HPS2125I System xxxx PROMOTED to SYSTEM-s
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