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CMS-XML PAGENT abends with S422 link it to a problem in HPSIHOPN.
Customer suffers mutliple times per week an Abend S422 in the PAGENT task and they opened a pmr at the first level support of IBM. The IBM support has analyzed the provided docs and revised the dump in detail . SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=01F REASON CODE=00000004 TIME=01.00.06 SEQ=02881 CPU=0080 ASID=008B
CMS-XML SSMMAIL getting connect failed RC= 61 reason= ECONNREFUSED Connection refused
000154C0 PARSED MESSAGE INFORMATION ==========================
CMS-XML Product Lifecycle and Platform Matrix
Each version is listed. For more details , click on the link for the version you are interested in.
CMS-XML SSM V832: Problem when executing 64-bit JAVA code when the RTO is running.
CEE3204S The system detected a protection exception (System Completion Code=0C4). From entry point JzosVM::spawnChild(const char*,const char**,int*,int*,int*) at compile unit offset +000000001C502A80 at entry offset +0000000000000240 at address 000000001C502A80.
CMS-XML SSM831 Message HPS0103E when running the $ADMSET installation job.
'B6' error code (OPEN) - RLS specified in the HPSPARMS member, but SMSVSAM server is not available. Development provided this helpful link information to assist with questions regarding VSAM return codes. Please forward this link to the customer, and draw his attention to the chapter entitled "VSAM Macro Return and Reason Codes".
CMS-XML SSM832 Getting an S878 Abend running through the DEMO Option processes
Received an ABEND878 when using the unchanged, supplied version created as default member DEMOFGP. At no stage was I informed that there should be a REGION= parameter in the job card. Please supply a REGION= parameter in the failing step to avoid an unnecessary stoppage in the demo process.
CMS-XML SSM823: MRT (Member Reference Tracking) causing S0C1 Abend in VPS, required an IPL to resolve
The HPSIBLDL is the fix for the specific problem, and the balance of the package contents is recommended by development to be applied as well. ... This explains the various forms of the MRT report which are now available. The MRT document clarifies the relationship between the three MRT Tables used by SSM for Member Reference Tracking processing.
HTML Serena® ChangeMan® SSM Version 8.2.2 Readme File Last updated on 14 July 2005
6.0 Fixes Batch Capture - UserID is reported as blank Event Reporting erroneous data where no ID or PROGRAM is shown ... HPSINTEG report shows unreadable/extraneous data ... JCL for Flattening a PDS built with JCL error ... HFS needs to display symbolic link attributes before updating ... IMPORT exception report list shows exception on seq files that haven't changed ... HPS0903T message has erroneous data in RECFM field ... Zap Event Reported as Upd for PDSE's ... Displacement of SMF information in panel HPSUGSMF ... HFS symbolic links causes ugly record in HFSIMPORT report listing
CMS-XML Are Serena products affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug?
The nature of the bug is such that secure connections to a server are vulnerable to potential bleeding of somewhat random server memory into a response to a client. See for full details .
CMS-XML Questions on XML licensing and CSA
1) If a product using XML licensing encounters invalid license information , does it ... example, if the SERLIC DD info is invalid, does it stop dead or does it ... for example, you use the SERLIC DD method, and the license file is located but the information is invalid, the task will fail. a) SERLIC DD statement in JCL pointing to license file PDS. b) Library name in LICDSN load module in system link list, or in product STEPLIB or JOBLIB.
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