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CMS-XML event logging done for both catalog and volser
event logging done for both catalog and volser
CMS-XML HFS Incorrect output for DETECT log after long file name event.
HFS Incorrect output for DETECT log after long file name event.
What is the purpose of the ChangeMan SSM ARCMDEXT exit? The function of the ARCMDEXT exit is to call HPSIMIGR to log data set MIGRATE events such as HMIGRATE, HRECALL and HDELETE during Change Tracking. If SSM Change Tracking of MIGRATE events is not active, SSM will just return to the caller.
CMS-XML SSM823: Missed update to tracked library...
SSM V823 was running on 4 Plexes and whilst a GLOBAL capture was being performed updates for ADD and UPD where missed, but when GLOBAL processing came accross the dataset it logged the events as GLOBAL when it was really a real time event. Nothing unusual in the DETECT log.
CMS-XML SSM830: HPS0104E message when attempting to define a Delta Tracked Object
I have had problem adding a Delta tracked resource to our system. The DETECT Log shows a lot of *put* failures like the following: HPS0104E I/O Area: 4085877E0000014D00000001
CMS-XML HPS0104E R15 = 8 R0 = 3 STAT/FDBK = x'05080004' errors on DELTA Master
The first pass used $INIT to allocate the VSAM files as non-RLS and then we performed some VSAM housekeeping tasks ($INTEG) before logging into the environment. 1. Ran IDCAMS to verify/close masterfiles
CMS-XML SSV HPS0713W error
CMN8711I - Save staging version error; Function = 6, Reason code = 0012. This is error in the log file: HPS0713W HPSDSFTP 14:43:09 PDS directory is damaged for Dsn
CMS-XML Incorrect results for multiple LPAR updates to a PDSE in short time.
If you have a defined a new PDSE dataset to change tracking. Then subsequently create 4 members in this dataset. When editing 1 different member on each of 4 lpars around same time (<1 min) the results in event logging do not reflect the actual events per lpar.
CMS-XML HPS2141W HPSRTO Abend S112-00000000 during capture of object
During an external STARTOOL/STARBAT "clean up" processing of a (ZMF-managed, SSM tracked) library, an 1) S112 errors were logged into the SSM STC; 2) the SSM STC retained an exclusive ENQ on the target file, and
CMS-XML Missing update for HFS files and HPS2114W message issued.
An issue has been raised and recreated when 4 HFS objects are defined to SSM and then subsequently edited via 3.17 in ISPF. The result, is that the first edit for the first file issues the following message in the DETECT log :
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