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CMS-XML Questions on XML licensing and CSA
Following are questions on XML license process and CSA usage .
CMS-XML SSM823: Additional MRT (Member Reference Tracking) documentation notes
Additional documenation and clarification regarding MRT (Member Reference Tracking), and the MRTSWAP command usage .
CMS-XML CPU performance issue when HPSTRACK is reporting EVENTS.
When taking a measurement of the CPU usage it was found that affected code resides at close to offset x'00004040' of HPSTRACK. The analyzing tool sees that the CPU was used mainly in HPSTRACK at offest +4046 to +4052.
CMS-XML SSM830: HPS0104E message when attempting to define a Delta Tracked Object
5- Enable RLS in SSM As most of the Fixes are already applied, I think the problem is to lead back to the parallel usage of the SSM databases. I hope the RLS option will help avoid this problem.
CMS-XML SSM830: Using RACF groups, in place of TSO UserID's, for Change Tracking Access
The enclosed patch comprises the requested enhancement (ENH108338) for SAF-based management of User access to SSM Change Tracking functions. Things to note regarding installation and usage of this patch are as follows:
CMS-XML SSM821: SSM does not track an sequential empty dataset.
Data class . . . . . : **None** Current Utilization
CMS-XML SSM831 Fingerprinting of a pattern data set generates a S0C4 Abend
Data class . . . . . : **None** Current Utilization
CMS-XML SSM832: Incorrect (truncated) TOTALs within MRT Report
in millions of references, to reduce system utilization . Research and Development has updated to the code, so now the “Total References”
CMS-XML HPS0708W being issued during Fingerprint processing.
Organization . . . : PO Current Utilization
CMS-XML SHOW report shows dataset type of '???'
Organization . . . : PO Current Utilization
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