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CMS-XML SSM823: Question regarding the single record in the Delta Master database during the install process
ChangeMan SSM, 8.2.3 DETAILS: There is 1 record on the Delta Master. We have the $ INIT , ADMIN and $MRT $MLS jobs, and the Change Tracking group definitions (all with DELTA=NO).
CMS-XML HPS0104E R15 = 8 R0 = 3 STAT/FDBK = x'05080004' errors on DELTA Master
The first pass used $ INIT to allocate the VSAM files as non-RLS and then we performed some VSAM housekeeping tasks ($INTEG) before logging into the environment. 1. Ran IDCAMS to verify/close masterfiles
CMS-XML SSM832: Msg. starting TSO Notif. STC: IRX0034I Error running NOTE2EXE, line 384: Logical value not 0 or 1
384 +++ if (DEBUG) 53 +++ call INIT IRX0034I Error running NOTE2EXE, line 384: Logical value not 0 or 1
CMS-XML SSM 8.6 started task contains new SERALOG DD for ACTLOG file
DISP=SHR,DSN=somenode.CMNSSM.ACTLOG.LPAR The SSM.INSTALL($ INIT ) job has been updated to define the new ACTLOG data set. While SSM isn’t writing anything into the dataset, the SERNET task is.
CMS-XML HPSTRANS with missing DD statement results in RC=20
14.30.32 J0386969 ICH70001I T250963 LAST ACCESS AT 18:20:54 ON THURSDAY, NOVEM 14.30.32 J0386969 $HASP373 T250963O STARTED - INIT 2 - CLASS 2 - SYS TN02 14.30.32 J0386969 IEF403I T250963O - STARTED - TIME=14.30.32
CMS-XML SSM832 Enhance run times of housekeeping jobs, and keep STC's active during backups.
BACKUP or $REORG jobs are run. Since the $ INIT and $REORG jobs set the SHAREOPTIONS to (4,3), the $ALTER job will need to be run after each of these jobs, or combined with them as an additional step.
CMS-XML HPS0104E HPSRTO Put Failure on site master * Program return code = 0104 *
Ensure the ssm vsam files are using RLS. 1) the ssm vsam files are those defined in SSM.INSTALL($ INIT ) 2) Set RLS = YES in SSM.PARMLIB(HPSPARMS)
CMS-XML Data reporting error within the RTO when a BACKUP has completed.
09.29.20 J0199020 ICH70001I ??????? LAST ACCESS AT 09:25:42 ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2008 09.29.20 J0199020 $HASP373 ???????P STARTED - INIT 2 - CLASS 1 - SYS TN01 09.29.20 J0199020 IEF403I ???????P - STARTED
CMS-XML SSM832 Getting an S878 Abend running through the DEMO Option processes
12.25.09 J0059860 $HASP373 T365134S STARTED - INIT 5 - CLASS A - SYS TN01
CMS-XML SSM830: HFS Demo Option-1 not generating MESSAGES file correctly
00.36.12 J0531399 ICH70001I SDHANAS LAST ACCESS AT 00:14:37 ON TUESDAY, OCTOBE 00.36.12 J0531399 $HASP373 SSMPKJOB STARTED - INIT 1 - CLASS A - SYS Q001 00.36.12 J0531399 - --TIMINGS (M

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