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CMS-XML SSM823: GLOBAL processing looping when no data sets defined to change tracking
The condition were there are no data sets defined to Change Tracking prior to GLOBAL processing will be addressed in the next maintenance release of SSM.
CMS-XML Attempting to delete components getting SSV error HPS0104E '** Put failure ** on SM file cluster''
You must ensure that all of your JCL that does a delete/define on the SSV files have the correct IDCAMS definition. You will also need to update the delivered CNTL members INITIAL3 and SVRSTOR as they still have the definitions for versions of SSM/SSV that were appropriate for releases prior to ZMF i.e. the site master record size in ZMF should not be RECORDSIZE(100 4089).
CMS-XML SSM823: GLOBAL processing looping when no data sets defined to change tracking
A change request was generated, for addressing this problem in a future SSM release .
CMS-XML SSM823: HISTORY report looping, and displaying invalid data
2006/10/03_21:06:28 DSORG=PS UNC I TD0 1 ...á.+ .á.+K.¤ SYS3.BBISS.OPERA.CPM. Issue found in Release : 8.2.3 Beta Patch for SSM V823 - SSM82304.
HTML Serena® ChangeMan® SSM Version 8.2.2 Readme File Last updated on 14 July 2005
6.0 Fixes Solutions Available With Release 8.2.2 ... Update help panel HPSH210 for new RC=578 (Authorization failure ) ... Failure to add. ... Put Failure ** on DEL file cluster SYS3.DR.DPLEX1.DELTA.MASTER ... TSO session loops while trying to delete an object from panel HPSCONG4 ... With SSM RTO running results in BMC CONTROL-M hanging
CMS-XML Questions on XML licensing and CSA
example, if the SERLIC DD info is invalid, does it stop dead or does it ... you reload the licenses for a product, the storage for the previously loaded licenses for that product is released .
CMS-XML SSM830: SHOW=MLS Report missing TSO or SAF mode descriptions
Issue found in Release : 8.3.0 ... 5130357 - GLOBAL processing looping when no data sets defined to tracking
CMS-XML SSM830: Over-ridings HPSPARMS sitemaster/objectmaster/deltamaster database names.
In releases prior to SSM V8.3.0, having the SSM (VSAM) database names hard coded in the HPSPARMS members caused some customers to have the concerns as noted below: ... 4) requisite hard coded tailoring " stops " the rollout process with the insertion of an additional, otherwise perhaps unnecessary, process step.
CMS-XML HPS0702W Msg. generated during Fingerprinting when DSCB1 does not match the dataset information provided.
There is a need to code a work-around, so that this condition does not stop processing, and the message will not be issued. The problem will occur in all releases of SSM if the above condition is true.
CMS-XML SSM821 ALIAS not being handled correctly when performing an online define of data sets to change tracking
RC=100 Dynamic allocation failure of this object. ... RC=132 Obtain failure . ... RC=149 Non-VSAM open failure . RC=151 Close failure . ... RC=152 VSAM open failure . ... To be addressed in a future release of SSM.
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