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CMS-XML SSM832: MRT (Member Reference Tracking) definitions go missing after running HPSMAINT and HPSINTEG processes
The situation is that existing MRT definitions are "somehow" being dropped/lost/deleted form the SSM database. ... Our weekly housekeeping processing consists of the following actions against the SSM Site Master (in which, of course, the MRT definitions are stored):
CMS-XML Interfacing A Trouble Ticket System With SSM
Several customers have expressed interest in mapping SSM actions into their current trouble ticket system. ("Trouble ticket" systems may also be called incident tracking systems, help desk systems, or similar names. Commercial examples include Serena TeamTrack or Serena Business Mashups, IBM Info/Man, and BMC Remedy.)
CMS-XML SSM $BACKSTC hangs in multiple SSM STC environment following errors in RTCT operation integrity processing
Backup to taking corrective action , SSM backup job $BACKSTC, is run. The backup job hangs resulting in having to stop all ssm started tasks.
CMS-XML SSM823: HPS2114W then HPS0104E message sequence
** Get Failure ** on SM file cluster ‘cluster name', MACRF = 'macro form ', RPL OPTCD = 'RPL option code',
CMS-XML HPSINTEG detects severe errors but ends with RC=0
* Program return code = 0326 * HPS3015I HPSINTEG Action summary: * * * S I M U L A T E D * * * Cluster adds deletes updates
CMS-XML mail2exe failing with s0c4
Event types which trigger notification: Action =Add,Upd,Del,Sta,Ren Data set patterns which trigger notification:
CMS-XML SSM823: Messages HPS0174W & HPS0108W generated during HPSINTEG processing indicating defective history record will have bytes removed.
I do not understand the nature of this problem (origin/symptom), nor what actions can be taken to correct/resolve this condition. The $INTEGs have also had similar
CMS-XML HPS0100W HPSTRANS * Failure * Dynamic allocation of: SVC99 error x'021C'
Application Programmer Action : Correct the device name subparameter and resubmit the allocation request. If the device name subparameter correctly identifies a device in the current configuration and a dynamic configuration change has just occurred, resubmit the request.
CMS-XML SSM823: Getting 16D Abend, and message ISPC506E: Error File SSMHFSK not found or was empty.
10 SCLM SW Configuration Library Manager MVS acct. 11 Workplace ISPF Object/ Action Workplace Release S SDSF
CMS-XML SSM830: Using RACF groups, in place of TSO UserID's, for Change Tracking Access
Related Note: MLS and MRT Administration each have their own SAF Profile now, and are no longer automatically associated with any other form of administrative authority. Developments statement regarding the nature of the delivered functionality:
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