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CMS-XML HFS Change tracking report Userid field too small
Please see below example: HFS Event Change Report shows: 1-1 "HFSEVENTS=(DEPARTMENT=SSMSSM,GROUP=HFSTEST, -2 " INCLOBJ='/home/TTTTTTT/Test1', -3 " REPORT=(SEL=(HFS), -4 " FROM=(2009/09/09),TO=(2010/10/10))) "* 36 events currently for object: /home/TTTTTTT/Test1
CMS-XML HPS0100W HPSTRANS Dynamic allocation SVC99 error field = x'0210' RC= 004
During generation of a Change Basket data set of changes for a production system, the fingerprint dataset compare part of the Extract/Export process works fine, but then several of the libraries get an SVC99 dynamic allocation error, RC=0210.
CMS-XML HPS0100I HPSTRANS Dynamic allocation SVC99 error field = x'0218' info = x'0000
Import of change members loaded incorrectly due to dynamic allocation error. This is the JCL from the fingerprint step… //IO3S10 EXEC PGM=HPSTRANS
CMS-XML SSM823: Problems trying to create a Change Basket data set when a PDS has a large number of members needed to be packaged
CMS-XML HPSTRACK utility adds hex '00' to end of history output and LRECL changed to LRECL=134
Documentation states that history file output has the following attributes : DCB=(DSORG=PS,RECFM=VB,LRECL=1100) This DCB information is for the DB2LOAD format history file. For nonDB2LOAD history file output format, the RECFM=FB,LRECL=134 are correct.
CMS-XML SSM821 ALIAS not being handled correctly when performing an online define of data sets to change tracking
RC=500 Object is a VSAM component and not a cluster. RC=519 Invalid DSCB1 attribute combination
HTML Serena® ChangeMan® SSM Version 8.2.2 Readme File Last updated on 14 July 2005
1.2 Panel Enhancements In several panel field descriptions, "Job Name" has been changed to "Member Name". The "View Basket" panel now fails if no entry is specified, or a truncation error is encountered. Table row processing is enhanced to allow PF3 functions.
CMS-XML SSM started task abend S106 Reason 0000000C
HPS2106I HPSRTO 00:00:18 SERU field RsnCode : x'00000000' HPS2107I HPSRTO 00:00:18 SERUEXT field SERH_32K: x'28363000' changed to x'00000000' HPS2107I HPSRTO 00:00:18 SERUEXT field SERH_08K: x'3852D000' changed to x'00000000'
CMS-XML meaning of message DSORG=HF STA Capture Capture
This is the HFS status event. A status event is generated when one or more of the following HFS file attributes has changed :
CMS-XML SSM821: MLS corrupting by inserting corrupted members
The second part of this problem is that if you perform a IEBCOPY (COPY/REPLACE) of two protected entities (PDS to PDSE) you will find the extra member in the PDSE lib the same as in the first example. In each example the DCB attributes change increasing the member count by one.
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