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CMS-XML SSMMAIL getting connect failed RC= 61 reason= ECONNREFUSED Connection refused
SSMMAIL notification fails sending sending to an SMTP server. The SSMMAIL task is getting the following error message as seen below:
CMS-XML SSM22: SHOWOM fails against DISP=OLD database backups
processing conventions. I believe it's the "hidden-ness" of the SSM databases (DSNs being omitted from the JCL) which is ultimately spawning this problem.
CMS-XML SSM823: HPS0104E Msg, $INTEG failing to repair database - with GET failures
HPS0104E HPSINTEG 12:12:53 Key = 433BA8BD003F4D08005F ** Get Failure ** on DEL file cluster ????.??.??????.?????.?????? MACRF = (key,seq,in) RPL OPTCD=(key,seq,nup,syn,mve)
CMS-XML SSM830: Batch Deletes for (new) Groups defined under SSM V8.3.0 failing
I have also included the portion of the SHOWOM which clearly shows the target Group of the second input control card still remaining in the database . So perhaps indeed, the first is gone, and the error message is targeted against the second input control card.
CMS-XML HPS0100W HPSTRANS * Failure * Dynamic allocation SVC99 error field = x'4704'
Dynamic Allocation Request Text List: @00034 DB 8 KEY=x'0015' OCCUR=x'0001' FIELD-LENGTH=x'0005' FIELD='/1510' @0003435E KEY=x'0010' OCCUR=x'0001' FIELD-LENGTH=x'0006' FIELD='XP0PP1'
CMS-XML SSM823: HPS0104E messages during HPSINTEG program execution
The $INTEG job (HPSINTEG program) fails to repair the SSM database . Getting messages similar to the one below:
CMS-XML SSM830: SHOW=MLS Report missing TSO or SAF mode descriptions
5072562 - Group DELETE’s suddenly started failing 5078961 - SHOWOM fails against DISP=OLD database backups 5130357 - GLOBAL processing looping when no data sets defined to tracking
The SSM v833 GA STC received a ... GPRS 0-3: 000007 DB 00110C9C 000000DE 00001CF8 ... failed .
CMS-XML SSM821: RC=027 not defined when tracking objects
SHRXTC1.LIB.T250963.JCL.SCH.CNTL * FAILED * RC= 027 ... RC=006 Snapshot failed . ... RC=014-026 Failure to do a GET/PUT operation. ... RC=028 SSM databases are disallowed for tracking. RC=100 Dynamic allocation failure of this object. ... RC=132 Obtain failure . ... RC=149 Non-VSAM open failure . RC=151 Close failure . ... RC=152 VSAM open failure .
CMS-XML Dynamic allocation of: SYS1.PARMLIB.CUSTOM - S99ERROR=x'0218' Volume not mounted
Job is receiving error ... 07:51:11 * Failure * ... 07:51:11 * Failure * ... @80038 DB 8 KEY=x'0004'
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