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08:24:52 IDI0001I Fault Analyzer V11R1M0 (UK91900 2013/02/22) invoked by IDIXDCAP using SYS1.PARMLIB.&SYSNAME(IDICNFT2) 08:24:52 IDI0034I Fault analysis skipped due to: Parmlib config member EXCLUDE option specification 08:25:11 IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT
CMS-XML HPS0100W HPSTRANS * Failure * Dynamic allocation of: SVC99 error x'021C'
Application Programmer Action: Correct the device name subparameter and resubmit the allocation request. If the device name subparameter correctly identifies a device in the current configuration and a dynamic configuration change has just occurred, resubmit the request.
CMS-XML SSM830: Over-ridings HPSPARMS sitemaster/objectmaster/deltamaster database names.
4) requisite hard coded tailoring "stops" the rollout process with the insertion of an additional, otherwise perhaps unnecessary, process step. Therefore, it was requested that all DSN references be removed from within the HPSPARMS CTC and, similar to other z/OS STC-based tools, coded instead as DD statements within the STC JCL, wherein they are far more easily overridden and/or otherwise customized , coded and tailored to individual installation environments. As coded in pre-SSM V830 HPSPARMS member:
CMS-XML SSM823: Getting 16D Abend, and message ISPC506E: Error File SSMHFSK not found or was empty.
9 IBM Products IBM program development products System ID 10 SCLM SW Configuration Library Manager MVS acct. 11 Workplace ISPF Object/Action Workplace Release
CMS-XML z/OS 2.5 Compatibility with ChangeMan ZMF, ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack, ChangeMan SSM, Comparex, StarTool FDM and StarTool IOO
Customers must be running one of these product releases to remain on a supported configuration . No other releases of these products will be certified
CMS-XML SSM utility job hangs with master files defined with RLS
The jobs to perform the masterfile backup < SSM.INSTALL($BACKSTC)> have been modified to remove the close/open utility for any sites that have VSAM RLS masterfiles. On those sites add the new IDCAMS RLSSOURCE(YES) parameter that allows IDCAMS backups to be performed while the STC's are active. On the other sites where having a 'monoplex' configuration , can still use the standard close/open utility for the masterfiles.
CMS-XML Detect and Sync Option S.A.2 generated JCL results in HPS0100W HPSTRANS 15:04:34 * Failure * Dynamic allocation of: /
Targ HLQ ==> TEST (Model) Report Type ==> DEFAULT ( Custom /Default) Member Name ==> MODELEX (Saved member name in user JCL library)
HTML Serena ChangeMan SSM Version 8.2.3 Readme File Last updated on 18 October 2005
4.0 General Information You may use this release no matter what version you are currently running. A full install will require you to re-establish any customized options or settings, after you complete your product installation. Refer to the ChangeMan SSM Installation Guide

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