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CMS-XML SSM821 ALIAS not being handled correctly when performing an online define of data sets to change tracking
SYS1.PARMLIB * DEFINED ... SYS1.PASP.FONTLIB * DEFINED SYS1.PASP.VSAPL * DEFINED SYS1.PROCLIB * DEFINED ... * DEFINED ... * DEFINED ... * DEFINED ... * DEFINED ... SYS1.PROCLIB.CICS.ORIGINAL. COPY ... * DEFINED ... * DEFINED ... * DEFINED ... * DEFINED SYS1.PROCLIB.MQM.BKUP * DEFINED ... * DEFINED ... * DEFINED ... * DEFINED ... One of these conditions occurred during the defining of the object. ... RC=007 Object already defined in group. ... RC=519 Invalid DSCB1 attribute combination
HTML Serena® ChangeMan® SSM Version 8.2.2 Readme File Last updated on 14 July 2005
6.0 Fixes ... (OUTLIST) defined with incorrect HLQ ... Issues zapping and copying a LOAD module ... DEFINE fails with a ... for empty PDS defined to MLS ... =027 not defined when adding objects ... ... when adding a duplicate site admin DSN Fields not sufficiently long on panels HPSDMEXA and HPSDMDET ... HFS needs to display symbolic link attributes before updating ... HPS0903T message has erroneous data in RECFM field ... HPS0127W messages during DEFINE processing ... Duplicate Keys Created on Delta Master for Identical Load Modules ... Defining an object fails with RC=25 & HPS0104E message needs to be documented ... Fix batch DEFINE problem for indirect referenced DSNs.
CMS-XML Defined Object TYPE values seem incorrect in the SHOW OM report
Notice the TYPE is a PS and if you see the DCB attributes for the dataset SSM.DR8A.INSTALL it is defined as a PO, see below:
CMS-XML SSM821: RC=027 not defined when tracking objects
RC=500 Object is a VSAM component and not a cluster. RC=519 Invalid DSCB1 attribute combination Exit SSM to browse the LOG data set.
CMS-XML HPS0100I HPSTRANS Dynamic allocation SVC99 error field = x'0218' info = x'0000
CMS-XML Incorrect DSORG set when object is defined to multiple groups.
Steps To Reproduce Define an object to 2 or more change tracking groups Actual Result
CMS-XML HPS0100W HPSTRANS * Failure * Dynamic allocation SVC99 error field = x'4704'
During the apply job, a dynamic allocation error occurred for sys3a.ca90s.ppoption. The dynamic allocation error indicated that a duplicate dataset existed on the target volume which was verified to be true. However, the data set on the target volume is uncataloged.
CMS-XML SSM830: HPS0104E message when attempting to define a Delta Tracked Object
first thought is that they need to enable RLS. Customers Response: I was not able to REORG the Delta Master database because the IDCAMS REPRO gets an S0C4. My action were :
CMS-XML SSM830: SHOW=MLS Report missing TSO or SAF mode descriptions
perhaps there could be the simple additional MLS definition TSO/SAF specification data value input field on the MLS definition maintenance ISPF panel.
CMS-XML SSM831 Fingerprinting of a pattern data set generates a S0C4 Abend
This is a "pattern" data set - used in REFDD=*.ddname, to supply DCB attributes when defining another data set. It is not a real data set. We don't think that we support trying to fingerprint it.
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