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CMS-XML Started task S878 running mass checkin with SSV enabled
A customer has a bespoke mass staging procedure designed to mass stage components into release-related packages. Running this procedure for more than 2,000 components results in a S878 abend during SSV processing:
CMS-XML s602 abend when SSM started task starts
MLPA modules had not be loaded as part of the installation. In the Installation guide, refer to sections: - Refresh MLPA
CMS-XML SSM Started Task gets error SER0603E TCP/IP logons will not be allowed due to an error in passticket initialization
Passtick Initialization was introduced in Changeman ZMF 8.1, but is not part of ChangeMan SSM. However, both products do use SERNET, which is issuing this message. If your site has multiple mainframe Microfocus products ,(formerly SERENA), that use the SERCOMC.LOAD library, then the recommendation is to use a STEPLIB to avoid compatibility issues that can be introduced with different versions of the SERCOMC.LOAD library.
PDF Serena(TM) ChangeMan(TM) ZMF Version 5
3. Fixes from all previous releases are included in ChangeMan SSM 8.2.1. 4. If you are installing the Real Time Change Tracking (RTCT) component and you used RTO in an earlier version of ChangeMan SSM, you may encounter the following situations: • When bringing down the started task for the prior version, you may receive message HPS2116I – “Backout bypassed”. • When using RTCT, you may receive message HPS2140E – “Thru address in place from incompatible version”.
CMS-XML S0C4 encountered in global capture after start of the STC
05.06.33 S0373859 Initialization of ChangeMan SSM RTO in progress. 05.06.35 S0373859 SER0810I SerNet server " initialized and ready for communications 05.06.35 S0373859 SER0824I Attempting to load PAN#1 to determine if feature present; Please ignore any associated CSV003I message.
CMS-XML started task get S878-10 and shuts down rc=16.
2018/07/02 21:01:21.58 SER0810I SerNet server "2" initialized and ready for communications
CMS-XML started task getting s106-0c and s878
09.38.40 STC11922 HPS0061I SSM resource manager cleanup completed 09.39.13 STC 11922 SER0999I SerNet server "1" termination complete, RC=16 09.39.14 STC11922 - -----TIMINGS (MINS.)------
CMS-XML S0F8 followed by S0C4 in HPSRTO in ssm started task
13.00.22 STC 18463 SER0999I SerNet server "H" termination complete, RC=16
CMS-XML SSM started task gets s0c4 followed by s0c1 abends
261 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP 14.56.53 STC 29058 SER0999I SerNet server "S" termination complete, RC=16 14.56.54 STC29058 BOC987I JOB=SSMPROC STP=CMNSSM RC=0016
CMS-XML SSMMAIL Started Task in ChangeMan SSM Sysplex Environment
SSMMAIL Started Task in ChangeMan SSM Sysplex Environment
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