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CMS-XML Interfacing A Trouble Ticket System With SSM
Interfacing A Trouble Ticket System With SSM
CMS-XML SSM830: Message HPS1812W when synchronizing a PDS with a PDSe when load module MASKing is in play.
Message HPS1812W - PDSE load module masking cannot be performed from the ISPF interface at this time. Please execute in Batch. was added to the product just before G/A as a result of ETR 01395,49R,000 - a problem with the Binder interface that IBM could not / would not provide an APAR for.
CMS-XML Detect and Sync Option S.A.2 generated JCL results in HPS0100W HPSTRANS 15:04:34 * Failure * Dynamic allocation of: /
Using SSM ISPF interface - Detect and Synchronization option S.A.2 to perform group compare generates JCL BASE and TARG with INCLDSN=/ which results in dynamic allocation error. select option s.a.2 from the ssm main menu Data Set Group Compare (BASE Environment 1 of 2)
CMS-XML SSM832 Getting message HPS003I during installation verification when selecting Option-C, Change Tracking
Three-digit messages are used only for ISPF functions and are displayed from within the ISPF interface to ChangeMan SSM. Only a select group of ISPF messages is documented in this manual.
CMS-XML SSM832 High EXCP consumption for syntax error HPS0012E.
- ENH108635 SSM V830 Control Card Syntax Errors require too much I/O and EXCP’s. There are no changes to the interface , you should just see a reduced EXCP count for batch syntax errors, and batch MRT commands. Resolution Update – 07/15/2009:
CMS-XML RACF and Conversion of SSM V8.2.3 to V8.3.2. Additional Detail
Finally, the customer will want to switch over to using CTUSERSAFAUTH (User Group profiles) rather than tsoid's for Change Tracking User authority. The final step will be to change HPSPARMS (temporarily) back to using the SITEADMINS parameter (presumably, the customer commented it out before starting the RACF conversion), and will comment-out the CTCLASS and CTSITEADMIN parameters (again, temporarily), in order to use the ISPF or batch interfaces to delete all his tsoid-based Groups and Users.
CMS-XML SSM832 Enhance run times of housekeeping jobs, and keep STC's active during backups.
RLS in not used then a (1,3) setting only allows one user to have VSAM files in UPDATE mode. Before running the $ALTER job, make sure that the RTCT (Real Time Change Tracking) STC is stopped, and that all TSO Users of the SSM ISPF interface have ended their sessions. Otherwise, the ALTER will fail.
CMS-XML SSM823: Question regarding the single record in the Delta Master database during the install process
It is created the first time that the Delta Master is opened. It contains the record ID ("HPS-DEL"), a time stamp, and certain internal control information regarding the Delta Master itself. MAINT, INTEG, the ISPF interface , and the started task will all open the Delta Master, among others.
CMS-XML SSM832 RACF Definitions for Change Tracking environments.
- ISPF interface (Group Admin. menu)
CMS-XML SSM830: Using RACF groups, in place of TSO UserID's, for Change Tracking Access
(b) Use the ISPF interface options A.3.5 and A.3.6 to add or update the Resource Profile name related to a given Department and Group.

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