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CMS-XML SSM830: Add ESTAE to HPSRTO to clean up intercepts if task is cancelled.
SSM830: Add ESTAE to HPSRTO to clean up intercepts if task is cancelled.
CMS-XML Inconsistency in cleanup of hfs components
Inconsistency in cleanup of hfs components
CMS-XML SSM830: $INTEG after $MAINT processing found some cleanup to be performed.
SSM830: $INTEG after $MAINT processing found some cleanup to be performed.
CMS-XML 0C4 in HPSSERV at offset x'00013452'
Running HPSMAINT can result in the following abend when cleaning up SSV records. SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C4 REASON CODE=00000011 TIME=15.41.13 SEQ=52688 CPU=0000 ASID=0062
CMS-XML HPS2141W HPSRTO Abend S112-00000000 during capture of object
During an external STARTOOL/STARBAT " clean up" processing of a (ZMF-managed, SSM tracked) library, an 1) S112 errors were logged into the SSM STC; 2) the SSM STC retained an exclusive ENQ on the target file, and
CMS-XML SSM823: MAINT after INTEG required subsequent INTEG (more work to do)
the second INTEG (RC=4 then RC=0), had leftover MAINT clean up work to do. MAINT perhaps did not complete cleanly/without aberrant incident?
CMS-XML HPS0062I SSM Recovery environment
New recovery processing was added for SSM 8.4. Message HPS0062I is issued from any SSM program that initializes the recovery environment. If SSM ends abnormally, the recovery environment will attempt to clean up the SSM program storage, open files, etc.
CMS-XML HFS Incorrect output for DETECT log after long file name event.
It seems the 'r' from 'greater' and the 't' from 'than' is not being cleaned up in the output for a normal dataset event.
CMS-XML SSM830: Note regarding conversion of SSM V8.2.3 Master Files to V8.3.0
After doing so, all of the old Groups can be deleted as well, before changing HPSPARMS back to SAF Security mode. It is not necessary that the customer delete the elements of the old TSO environment, but once that environment is no longer needed, we recommend cleaning it up to improve response times, and to conserve DASD space.
CMS-XML SSM830: Messages HPS0104E and HPS3002T during HPSINTEG processing.
Have been thrashing about in the databases, deleting defining, deleting, re-defining, trying to get a clean forward for v8.3. Now running $INTEG. Initial results showing some HPS104E messages -- screen shot below.
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