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CMS-XML SSM831 S878 Abend during Change Basket creation after upgrading from SSM V821
It's not necessarily that a program is not releasing storage, although that may be true in the case of certain subpools which last for the duration of the <job> if they are not released, but the Initiator running the job, RSM (manages enques, among other things), and certain other System functions <do> allocate some storage for the duration of the job. At the time of our call, I had not considered this storage to be significant.
CMS-XML SSM Version 8.3.2 HFS Change Tracking in 64-bit mode Abends with S0C4.
The problem appears to have been a ST instead of STG instruction when building the 64-bit parameter list in HPSIHFP. The ABEND only occurs when the BPX4STA call fails (in this case due to the file not existing. The problem is fixed in SSM V8.3.2 as patch number: SSM83227.
CMS-XML RCT (Real Time Change Tracking) Event Reporting in DETECT DD when Sharing Master Files
In the case of running 2 started tasks sharing the ssm files and running using sysplex, the ssm STC that comes up first is considered the 'master'. Change Tracking entries are only written to the 'master' STC. If for some reason the 'master' ssm stc is unresponsive for a certain length of time, ssm will switch the 'master' status to one of the other ssm stc's.
CMS-XML SSM821 ALIAS not being handled correctly when performing an online define of data sets to change tracking
It could be that it is an uncataloged data set that requires a VOLSER, but in this case we would suspect that it is another invalid catalog entry. If he had sent the Detect log, we would probably have a better idea of what happened.
CMS-XML SSM823: HPS0104E/HPS1308I Messages during a define of data sets to change tracking
Determine if it is a GET or PUT error, then look at R15 to get the return code, then look at the FDBK value. In this case you should be looking at page 133 of the manual:
CMS-XML SSM831: After applying fix SSM83106 data sets scheduled to be scratched during IMPORT processing are not deleting.
This was due to 0 records being written to the scratch data set. In the report, data sets that should be scratched, show up as "NEW". R&D found that this was due to the change they made when fixing the delete members not deleting problem reported in case 5212240.
CMS-XML SSM823: Additional MRT (Member Reference Tracking) documentation notes
Whenever the MRTAUX1 file becomes full, a SWAP occurs. The SWAP causes event recording to switch to the other (MRTAUX2 in this case ) file. Then the events in the MRTAUX1 file are added to the MRTAUX3 VSAM file and the MRTAUX1 file is closed and reset to empty.
CMS-XML HPS0104E in batch Global Capture
File was originally allocated as PS, then changed to PO, never edited , with VBA=80 characteristics. ... In some cases , the
CMS-XML SSM830: SHOW=MLS Report missing TSO or SAF mode descriptions
received regarding this case : " order to define an MLS entity in ... implementing any discovered necessary corrections/ changes to ... Note that this combined patch addresses the problems encountered in the following cases :
CMS-XML s.0.1 source and text masking missing comman separator after squeeze in MASK=(SQUEEZECASE=UPPER)
4) on panel HPSUMSK1, specify UPPER for case ... MIXED or UPPER Case ==> UPPER (MIXED: asis, UPPER: convert) ... To change these rules, use options 1 or 2 from the MASK menu.
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