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CMS-XML Are Serena products affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug?
In response to the security flaw found in OpenSSL, known as the Heartbleed Bug (CVE-2014-0160), Serena has analyzed our software to determine if any are vulnerable to this bug. The nature of the bug is such that secure connections to a server are vulnerable to potential bleeding of somewhat random server memory into a response to a client. See for full details.
CMS-XML SSM823: MLS not working as designed
MLS not working as designed. With ACCESS=NONE, user can still update (save) a protected member.
CMS-XML SSM821: MLS corrupting by inserting corrupted members
There are two aspects of this type of corruption. One is defining a Protected Entity which resides in a PDS, make an update to this member in ISPF save the changes and come out of the dataset. When you go back in you will see a new member called with a % sign which when selecting it is a directory structure of the PDS.
CMS-XML Interfacing A Trouble Ticket System With SSM
Several customers have expressed interest in mapping SSM actions into their current trouble ticket system. ("Trouble ticket" systems may also be called incident tracking systems, help desk systems, or similar names. Commercial examples include Serena TeamTrack or Serena Business Mashups , IBM Info/Man, and BMC Remedy.)
CMS-XML Issue integrating ZDD with SSM when MLS is turned ON.
MLS Protected Entities are refreshed: 2015/03/11_03:40:46 Member=* Dsn=SEXTON.USER.CNTL AccLst=(SEXTON)
CMS-XML SSM832 With MLS implemented, getting ICH480I msg. attempting to update unprotected members.
With MLS implemented, users are getting ICH408I messages, insufficient access authority, intent(UPDATE), access allowed(NONE). This condition exists when attempting to update a (non- protected ) data set member, that has a MLS protected data set member defined. This caused the entire PDS to not allow any member updates.
CMS-XML SSM V832: Problem when executing 64-bit JAVA code when the RTO is running.
CEE3204S The system detected a protection exception (System Completion Code=0C4). From entry point JzosVM::spawnChild(const char*,const char**,int*,int*,int*) at compile unit offset +000000001C502A80 at entry offset +0000000000000240 at address 000000001C502A80.
CMS-XML MLS does not honor TSO ID access list (Internal Method).
MLSABEND NO when you Define Protected Entities like the following: ------------------------- SSM Define Protected Entity ----------------------
CMS-XML SSM823: Need information regarding implementing MLS w/ACF2
RACF SECURITY FOR MLS This appendix provides sample commands for setting up SAF Security checking for Member Level Security (MLS) protected Entities. Note:
CMS-XML SSM: Are LICUPDAT and SERTIOR (SERCOMC.LOAD) modules truly re-entrant, and not self-modify
Unfortunately IBM never enforced this restriction, and even though a load module may have been linked as refreshable, it is possible that the program may not have honored that guarantee and was actually updating program storage. Changing the PROGxx default to REFRPROT will enforce the restriction and if changed, any module marked as refreshable will be protected from modification by placing it in key zero, non-fetch- protected storage.
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