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CMS-XML SSM821: False HPS0012E msg. during FGPing, for a migrated DSN
SSM821: False HPS0012E msg. during FGPing, for a migrated DSN
However, by default, the RTCTIMIGR parameter is set to YES. The setting on this parameter does not mean you HAVE TO install the exits. Each site determines whether they want to install the exits to capture DFHSM migration events in the Change Tracking.
MS-EXCEL SSM_8.3.2_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
The "Mail Svr" worksheet describes which mail server platforms are supported on which operating systems for each release. The " Migration " worksheet describes which other Serena or non-Serena Products have a migration to this product path The "Upgrade" worksheet describes which releases are supported for upgrade of the products
CMS-XML IDCAMS delete of tracked dataset not being reported as an Event.
CMS-XML RACF and Conversion of SSM V8.2.3 to V8.3.2. Additional Detail
Whenever the customer wants to migrate to RACF authority checking, they will need to implement the CTCLASS and CTSITEADMIN parameters, along with starting to define (new) Departments not based on tsoid's, and Groups within Departments, and finally defining (the same?) tracked datasets within the new Groups. The tsoid-method for Change Tracking User authority will continue to work as before. Since MRT and MLS administration now need RACF profiles, the customer will also need to define those (CTMRTADMIN, CTMLSADMIN) and authorize some admins.
CMS-XML SSM823 Getting several HPS0179E messages during a DEFINEDS processing resulting in RC=16
The HPS0179E message is issued when a migrated VSAM file is recalled. I don't know if we can tell that it is VSAM if it is migrated, so it is rejected in ADDOBJECT (ADDOBJ22). I think that this should be a Warning and not an Error message.
CMS-XML SSM Shutdown after getting SERNET SER0942I SHUTDOWN time reached
CMS-XML DEFINEDS GENERIC not working for objects 42 chars in length.
.* 0 were previously defined 0 have been archived or migrated .
CMS-XML HPS0104E HPSTRACK PUT FAILURE in SM R15 = 8 R0 = 26 STAT/FDBK = x'1D080014' rc=0104
0 were previously defined. 0 have been archived or migrated . ---- ibm message -----

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