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CMS-XML Panel HPSCONG3 Object Count field requires expansion (limit=9999)
Panel HPSCONG3 Object Count field requires expansion ( limit =9999)
CMS-XML SSM830: Using RACF groups, in place of TSO UserID's, for Change Tracking Access
- Defined as such by a Group Admin (including him/herself) or when a Group is defined (see Department Admins above). - Are restricted to viewing objects and their events, or capturing new events, or recovering objects from backup, which are defined to a Group for which they have User authority. - Are not able to perform any Administrative functions unless their TSOID also has one of the above authorizations.
CMS-XML SSM823: HISTORY report looping, and displaying invalid data
And, I was going to try to use a # days filter parameter to limit the output being generated. But, when I scrolled down to the bottom of the report, just to see what I might find there, I found instead a return of bogus data!
CMS-XML SSM831 Change Basket creating job abends with an 878 Abend.
We have region=0 on the job but there may be some limiting going on I will check that, but I wanted to make sure this is not an issue: 08.56.09 JOB23765 IEA794I SVC DUMP HAS CAPTURED: 715 715 DUMPID=006 REQUESTED BY JOB (CJ##SYN1)
CMS-XML ChangeMan SSM in Recovery-Retry loop
Several WAS regions were flooded with input; 10 times the number of usual transactions. As a result, the systems hit their ENQ limit .
CMS-XML S878 abends running HPSMAINT and HPSINTEG for 4GB delta master file
A customer attempting to run the SVMAINT (HPSMAINT) and SVINTEG (HPSINTEG) jobs for a ZMF 8.1 GA (SSM 8.4.0) delta master file that is very close to the 4GB limit and is experiencing S878 abends in both utilities. Sample symptom dump follows:
CMS-XML LIC0028W and LIC0049W Warning Messages
When running any Serena mainframe product that uses SER10TY 4.x (i.e. XML) license keys, users are liable to see the following warning messages: LIC0028W System capacity (nnn MSU) exceeds limit for <product> license (nnn MSU), within warning range. LIC0049W <product> allowed to continue with license validation errors.
CMS-XML RECOVER FOR= parm in ISPF needs to be changed to be in-line with BATCH.
If you attempt a PDS recovery specifying FOR=100 within the input control cards which, according both to the ISPF panel specifications and product documentation, should have failed as being disallowed -- beyond the supported limits . However, the submitted batch processing appears to have completed successfully.
CMS-XML SSM823: Msg. HPS0012E during OMADMADD, OM admin must also be Site admin
The customer did not define himself as an OM administrator, since he was past the limit of 5. See his comments below...
CMS-XML compare of PDS members results in CSV026I HPSTRANS NO ACCESSED followed by CSV028I ABEND306-34 JOBNAME=M1GNW00 STEPNAME=
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