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CMS-XML GRPAMDEL function always ends with a RC=8. Not Authorized.
Even though I am a Site Admin and OM Admin, I get the following message, generated from the batch group administrator delete function: GRPADMDEL=(ID=??????) HPS1360W HPSTRACK 21:51: 00 GRPADMDEL failed, authority RC =8
CMS-XML HPS0104E R15 = 8 Program return code = 0104 for LINKLIST data sets
The error seems to be associated with linklist data sets. HPS0104E HPSTRACK 22: 00 :21 Search Key: 9SYS1.LINKLIB ** Get Failure ** on SM file cluster SYS3.DR.EPLEX1.SITE.MASTER
CMS-XML HPS0104E * Program return code = 0104 *
HPS0104E HPSINTEG 17:13:17 Search Key: 8U261601.ULOG.DATAOG.DATA GWC003 00
CMS-XML HPS0104E * Program return code = 0104 * in delta master record
004 USER COMPLETION CODE=0016 004 TIME=14.18.43 SEQ=42828 CPU=0000 ASID= 00 CA 004 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR 078D1000 A5401000 ILC 2 INTC 0D
CMS-XML HPSTRANS with missing DD statement results in RC=20
14.30.32 J0386969 -HPSPARMS 00 31 12 . 00 .00 .0
CMS-XML SSMMAIL getting connect failed RC= 61 reason= ECONNREFUSED Connection refused
To test, change SMTPSERVER= parm in MAIL4NFY value to an IP address were it works. ----------------- ERRNO =61 ECONNREFUSED meaning -------------- 1) General:
CMS-XML started task get S878-10 and shuts down rc=16.
2018/07/02 21:02: 00 .20 SER0868I EPvt used=16,152K avail=1,290,472K
CMS-XML Misleading HPS1027I - View Successful message.
HPSGLOBE issues RC =04 which is correct in this instance, however the problem is that a View successful message is displayed when it should reflect permission denied. See below:
CMS-XML HPS0568E HPSTRANS 11:06:40 SERCOPY failed with RC=8
HPS0568E HPSTRANS 11:06:40 SERCOPY failed with RC =8
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