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CMS-XML SSM823: MRT(Member Reference Tracking) Zero Reference Report Enhancement Requests
Request #1: There is a considerable amount of error and not processed messages. Could these be written into some other output by the report for optional consideration?
CMS-XML SSM823 Getting several HPS0179E messages during a DEFINEDS processing resulting in RC=16
This is due to an undocumented "feature" (put into the product about ten years ago!) that says that if a given run gets more than five Errors ("E" messages), issue a rc=16. Please open a defect request on the Customer's behalf to change the HPS0179E message to a Warning. That should fix it.
CMS-XML SSM822: Msgs. during GLOBAL processing HPS104E, HPS198W, HPS2131I, HPS0100W
S99ERSN =x'00000FD6' Dynamic Allocation Request Text List: @000A02B0 KEY=x'0001' OCCUR=x'0001' FIELD-LENGTH=x'0008' FIELD='HASHPDSE'
CMS-XML SSM not synchronizing a PDS during execution of a weekly Export Import/Apply process
Warning cnt: 2 Severe msgs: 0 If this problem is encountered, the R&D group is requesting the outputs of both Fingerprinting jobs, and the Extract/Export and Import/Apply jobs.
CMS-XML SSM $BACKSTC hangs in multiple SSM STC environment following errors in RTCT operation integrity processing
HPS3017I HPSTASK1 07:37:21 Backup requested . HPS4087I HPSRTO 08:11:46 SERU DESERV: Exit is De-Activated HPS4086I HPSRTO 08:11:46 SERU DESERV: Last FUNC=EXIT Return Info:
CMS-XML SSM823: RTCT proc region supplied as REGION=32M
While many sites don't allow a region of 0M. The region required is mainly determined by the size of the largest tracked object, and the highest number of events for a single object. One customer was hitting problems due to their 400,000 member library, but for a more normal environment we would recommend a region of 64M or 128M.
CMS-XML ChangeMan SSM 8.3.2 Getting an S0C7 Abend during Fingerprint processing in module HPSDSFTP at OFFSET=1C36
The SSM R&D group had developed a fix for this reported problem, which consists of two replacement load modules (HPSDSFTP and HPSDSFTL), both which have an eye-catcher date of 05/14/08. The additional module change was required for HPSDSFTL since it has code in the same area to support CSCT MASKing.
CMS-XML SSM823: GLOBAL processing looping when no data sets defined to change tracking
The install process requires you set up a starter environment: "Define Objects to Change Tracking", before running the GLOBAL capture job. SSM needs to have at least one data set defined to change tracking.
CMS-XML SSM821: S0C4 Abend RC=04 in module SERCOPY at OFFSET=17CA during Extract/Export processing
The resolution to this problem required to replacement load modules found in fixes SSM82127 and SSM82128 (see below).
CMS-XML SSM831 Two issues: Delete members not deleting, and HPS0725I messages during compare processes
** IMPORTANT ** Customers that have applied this patch should apply (patch SSM83107) solution 5212406, which addresses a related problem where, data sets scheduled for scratch, were not being deleted during IMPORT/APPLY processing . That patch number: SSM83107, superceeds this version of HPSSERV. The eye-catcher date for that version is 1/15/08.
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