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CMS-XML SSM823: Problems with not receiving E-mail notifications
Not receiving email notifications. Getting the following message in the email STC output:
CMS-XML Failing email STC in REXX MAIL2EXE for HFS file names greater than 44 chars.
The MAIL 2EXE has a problem sending notifications for updates to HFS files which exceed 44 characters in length. The error produced is:
CMS-XML Notification email is missing Subject
ChangeMan SSM RTCT Event Notification HOST : Data Set name: SYS1.LINKLIB.LEGACY
CMS-XML started task get S878-10 and shuts down rc=16.
2018/07/02 21:03:00.22 SER0946I Notifying applications to terminate immediately.
CMS-XML SSMMAIL Started Task in ChangeMan SSM Sysplex Environment
The email notification should be running on each system where the SSM started task is running.
CMS-XML mail2exe failing with s0c4
1) The SSID in MAIL4NFY did not match the SSID in SSMPARMS in the INSTALL library. 2) Can also occur when multiple Notify STC's are active at the same time which causes storage overlays resulting in the s0c4. Verify that multiple tasks are not running.
CMS-XML SSM notifications and the use of translation tables.
Depending on TCP/IP translation tables used you may experience SSM Notification Emails not being sent out as the CRLF character does not get translated properly with the standard translation table, however MAIL2EXE uses 0D25 for CRLF. In the Notification STC you will see the following errors.
CMS-XML SSMMAIL getting connect failed RC= 61 reason= ECONNREFUSED Connection refused
SSMMAIL notification fails sending sending to an SMTP server . The SSMMAIL task is getting the following error message as seen below:
CMS-XML SSM832: Msg. starting TSO Notif. STC: IRX0034I Error running NOTE2EXE, line 384: Logical value not 0 or 1
When starting up the TSO notification STC the following message is encountered: READY %NOTE2EXE
CMS-XML SSM832 S0C4 Abend in module HPSIDCAM at OFFSET=0542
... not stop the started task , and caused ... ... :02 RTO Subtask Abend: S ... > SHUTDOWN > This SHUTDOWN command happened internally ... but the actual STC only came down ... an operator command shutdown 4.5 ... ... crossover; Applications notified ; It is ... ... crossover; Applications notified ; It is ... ... crossover; Applications notified ; It is ... > 00.00.08 S0075557 SER0840I Midnight crossover; Applications notified ; It is no ... S0075557 SER0943I SerNet orderly SHUTDOWN initiated; Grace period of ... S0075557 SER0999I SerNet server " termination complete, RC=0
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