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CMS-XML SSM831 Message HPS0103E when running the $ADMSET installation job.
During installation, using new VSAM files, I am getting the following message when running the $ADMSET installation job. HPS0103E HPSINIT 16:55:19 ** open Failure ** on SM file cluster SYS3.DR.TPLEX1.SITE.MASTER MACRF = (key,seq,in) R15 =16 R0 = 2,384 error-code = x'B6'
CMS-XML mail2exe failing with s0c4
CMS-XML SSM830: Batch Deletes for (new) Groups defined under SSM V8.3.0 failing
ChangeMan SSM, 8.3.0 DETAILS: After installing SSM V8.3.0 we are still having a Group DELETE problem in SSM.
CMS-XML HPS0607E I/0 read failure hotifx
Install the attached hotfix:
CMS-XML HPS0607E I/0 read failure
Install hotfix available in solution S140902
CMS-XML SSM823: $ADMSET job failing with msg. HPS0103E in HPSINIT Error-code=x'C3', RC=8
For MACRF=RLS, the SMS Storage Class does not specify a coupling facility CACHESET name. i.e. RLS is not set up properly. Check the specifications in your HPSPARMS.
CMS-XML XML License Installation Quick Start for Mainframe Products
a. Adding the SERLIC DD to your batch job or started task JCL and logon CLIST. Code DSN= [your license file], again with no member name.
CMS-XML HPS0104E HPSTRACK PUT FAILURE in SM R15 = 8 R0 = 26 STAT/FDBK = x'1D080014' rc=0104
Install SSM 8.5
CMS-XML S0C4 in HPSCOMPR offset x'00000714'
Customer applied and installed SSM fix package and now they are experiencing problems with the DEFINEDS functionality as the job fails with an 0C4 in HPSCOMPR offset x'00000714'.
CMS-XML Invalid IEC161I 006-0122 message against Site Master.
In all HPS-programs the customer uses the same HPSPLIB DD card which points to DSN=SEXTON.DR.PARMLIB(HPSPARMS). In this member they have specified RLS=YES, so they didn't switch the RLS mode during the day and we see at this point no setup failure on our site. It would seem that there is an issue with the HPSBACK module as this is generating the invalid messages.
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