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CMS-XML SSM830: Using RACF groups, in place of TSO UserID's, for Change Tracking Access
Developments statement regarding the nature ... ... - Define and delete Departments. ... - Define/ Delete Groups within the ... ... - Define and delete tracked objects within ... - Define and delete Users (by TSOID) within Groups within a Department. ... - Are restricted to viewing objects and their events, or capturing new events, or recovering objects from backup, which are defined to a Group for which they have User authority. ... Yes, Department Admins define/ delete Groups for their Department. ... Group Admins define/ delete tracked objects for Groups within a Department, but they cannot define or delete Groups.
HTML Serena® ChangeMan® SSM Version 8.2.2 Readme File Last updated on 14 July 2005
6.0 Fixes Invoking REXX exec converted from $SSMV8 CLIST member, statement returns 4190120. ... SSM shouldn't end all TASKs when all change tracking objects have been deleted ... TSO session loops while trying to delete an object from panel HPSCONG4 ... Member not found message while trying to delete an MLS protect member ... Fix batch DEFINE problem for indirect referenced DSNs.
CMS-XML MRT Zero reference report - SYSOUT DD handling.
When running the MRTRPT member in the SAMPLES dataset and you omit the SYSOUT DD statement you correctly receive the ICE158A message saying that the SYSOUT DD STATEMENT is missing. However, the step receives a RC=0 and the Zero Reference report shows 0 unreferenced members. If you run the the exact same report with the SYSOUT DD statement coded you get a successful report showing unreferenced members.
CMS-XML IDCAMS delete of tracked dataset not being reported as an Event.
IDC0001I FUNCTION COMPLETED, HIGHEST CONDITION CODE WAS 0 Now, if you look in the Event Summary of the GROUP you see no reference of the delete . SEXTON.BASE.SOURCE1 catlg 2 PDS 2009/04/15_12:24
CMS-XML SSM823: MRT(Member Reference Tracking) Zero Reference Report Enhancement Requests
Reports from the MRTRP and MRTRPT jobs will now be written to the new REPORT DD statement . Exception reports, only, will be written to SYSPRINT.
CMS-XML SSM830: MRT Zero References in DB2 table INSTALL(DB2SETUP)
This sample is not limited to 10 members. There are up to 10 members per record, and there can be many records for each data set. It is basically the same format as the zero-reference report, except that the DSN is at the beginning of each record.
CMS-XML SSM832 : Members not being deleted during IMPORT processing.
HPS0534I HPSTRANS 10:39:53 0 scratch commands written to file: Although the deletes are referenced in the output no records will be written to the scratch data set. This was fixed in SSM 831 (P2364) and now being forward fitted to SSM 832.
CMS-XML SSM830: Over-ridings HPSPARMS sitemaster/objectmaster/deltamaster database names.
4) requisite hard coded tailoring "stops" the rollout process with the insertion of an additional, otherwise perhaps unnecessary, process step. Therefore, it was requested that all DSN references be removed from within the HPSPARMS CTC and, similar to other z/OS STC-based tools, coded instead as DD statements within the STC JCL, wherein they are far more easily overridden and/or otherwise customized, coded and tailored to individual installation environments. As coded in pre-SSM V830 HPSPARMS member:
CMS-XML RTO not capturing EVENTS
CMS-XML HPS0568E HPSTRANS 11:06:40 SERCOPY failed with RC=8
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