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CMS-XML HPS0100I HPSTRANS Dynamic allocation SVC99 error field = x'0218' info = x'0000
CMS-XML HPSMAINT (PARMs HPSIN) does not delete members
HPS0100I HPSMAINT 10:48:39 Dynamic allocation of: SYS3.DR.NPLEX1.DELTA.MASTER SVC99 error field = x'0000' info = x'0000' Dynamic Allocation Request Text List:
CMS-XML HPS0183W HPSTRANS Basket damage type 8: Data for an update file is missing
... getting the following error : ... type 8: Data for an update ... HPS0193I HPSTRANS 14:09:31 TMSCLEN1 deleted from SYS2.CA1.EMEA.LINKLIB HPS0193I HPSTRANS 14:09:31 TMSVMSRT deleted from SYS2.CA1.EMEA.LINKLIB HPS0183W HPSTRANS 14:09:31 Basket damage type 8: Data for an update file is missing. ... information on how to prevent this from occuring, refer to the job SEND4KBS in the
CMS-XML IDC3309I RECORD NOT WRITTEN in MRTAUX3 file not backed up due to dcb information
CMS-XML HPS0183W HPSTRANS 17:13:06 Basket damage type 8: Data for an update file is missing
Warning cnt: 0 ... 05 CTSAPI26 deleted from SYS2 ... ... 05 CTSCCON6 deleted from SYS2 ... ... :05 CTSHLCK deleted from SYS2 ... ... :05 CTSTI deleted from SYS2 ... ... :05 CTSVDBU deleted from SYS2 ... ... 05 TMSCLEN1 deleted from SYS2 ... ... :05 TMSCYCLE deleted from SYS2 ... ... :05 TMSEXPCK deleted from SYS2 ... ... 05 TMSOSI26 deleted from SYS2 ... ... :05 TMSXTEND deleted from SYS2 ... ... 05 UWCOPYT8 deleted from SYS2 ... ... type 8: Data for an update ... ... 05 TMSCLEN1 deleted from SYS2 ...
CMS-XML SSM823: $ADMSET job failing with msg. HPS0103E in HPSINIT Error-code=x'C3', RC=8
PRODUCT: ChangeMan SSM, 8.2.3 DETAILS :
CMS-XML SSM823: Getting 16D Abend, and message ISPC506E: Error File SSMHFSK not found or was empty.
However it is the suggestion which is entirely self contained within the product software (i.e. our ability to influence/control/manage implementation). And, the addition of another library allocation and subsequent deployment related to the SSM product implementation is a trivial additional bullet point item task within any future product rollout plans. I should like to pursue this approach concurrent with the other implementation design changes already bundled for implementation within the anticipated rollout of SSM v832.
CMS-XML Syntax error while using COMP option in Data Extract.
Severe msgs: 1 Find " E HPS" in col 9 for ERROR messages. ******************************** BOTTOM OF DATA ********************************
CMS-XML Wrong message HPS1307E issued for HFS Group with no INCLOBJ parm.
When running HPSTRACK to get the EVENTS information for a HFS Group when you specify the command with no INCLOBJ= parm the message issued is not representative of that the parm INCLOBJ is missing. See below recreation and example:
CMS-XML HPS0012E HPSTRANS Rejected command or syntax error 40 Data set not found on volume
* program return code = 0012 * - S Detection and Synchronization - Detect Changes and Synchronize MVS data - 8 Detect Changes - Compare the Fingerprints of two Environments
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