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CMS-XML SSM823: Getting 16D Abend, and message ISPC506E: Error File SSMHFSK not found or was empty.
10 SCLM SW Configuration Library Manager MVS acct. ... Enter X to Terminate using log/list defaults ... File 'SSMHFSK' was not found or was empty. ... SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=16 D REASON CODE=00000008 ... PSW AT TIME OF ERROR 070C1000 81681CEA ILC 2 INTC 0 D NO ACTIVE MODULE FOUND NAME =UNKNOWN
CMS-XML SSM Shutdown after getting SERNET SER0942I SHUTDOWN time reached
No error messages indicating ... RTOCONSOLE = NO RTOLOGUPDATES= NO RTOMLS = NO MLSABEND= NO RTORENAME = NO RTORACCHECK = NO RTORACFID = NO RTOCLASS=$ ... MRTFIND = NO RTCTHFS = NO ... Area =x'000330 D 8' SER0801I EX005= NO ... SER0801I XML= NO ... LIC0011I LPAR ID: 15 Name : S002 Capacity: 59 MSU ... SER0835I TCB Manager active ... SER0832I Address Space Manager active ... SER0944I SerNet orderly SHUTDOWN initiated; No grace period; Immediate termination ... SER1802I TCB manager termination started ... SER1803I TCB manager termination ended
CMS-XML HPSMAINT message HPS1718I does not support long HFS object names
HPS1718I HPSMAINT 16:08:48 Delta=N Object=/home/t369597/not_mounted.txt SDSF OUTPUT DISPLAY T250963 D J0017343 DSID 142 LINE 1,088 COLUMNS 12- 91 COMMAND INPUT ===> SCROLL ===> PAGE
CMS-XML Long HFS object names truncated with PAGE numbers.
... a very long name (more than ... PAGE # and is not spanned over to ... -2 " INCLOBJ='/u/gthomps/ssmtest/A123456789B123456789C123456789 D 123456789 D 123456789E ... 2 events currently for object: /u/gthomps/ssmtest/A123456789B123456789C123456789 D 123456789E123456789F123456789G ... Object = /u/gthomps/ssmtest/A123456789B123456789C123456789 D 123456789E123456789F123456789G123456789H123PAGE 0000003 <===see truncation
CMS-XML SSM821: Cannot compare two uncatlg datasets via VOLUME compare.
When performing a VOLUME compare SSM will not compare two uncatlg datasets with the same name on two different non SMS volumes.
CMS-XML HPS1322E HPSTRACK does not support Length=44 objects.
Testing HPSMAINT, we have noticed an object name "collision" with VOLSER within the output for objects (DSNs) with length = 44. See below example:
CMS-XML Operational Integrity automatic function does not work with TSO based department/group
Set SITEADMINS and comment out CTCLASS and CTSITEADMIN in the HPSPARMS member to enable TSO mode. Set AUTOTRACK YES, AUTODEPT 'admin id', AUTOGROUP 'TSO mode group name ' Bring started task up
CMS-XML HFSDEFINE not supporting HFS long names.
HPS1598W HPSTRACK 14:41:43 No new files tracked from specified parameters. 0 were previously defined
CMS-XML SSM830: Over-ridings HPSPARMS sitemaster/objectmaster/deltamaster database names.
In releases prior to SSM V8.3.0, having the SSM (VSAM) database names hard coded in the HPSPARMS members caused some customers to have the concerns as noted below: 1) hard coding is not industry standard (i.e. symbolic substitution within DSNs is preferred) 2) hard coding undermines any complete process automation
CMS-XML MLS does not honor TSO ID access list (Internal Method).
Command ===> Specify an explicit DSN, and a member name or pattern ending with an *. A member pattern of "*" will protect all the members in the specified DSN.
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