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CMS-XML Inability to Recover DELTA=Y file after MOVEGRP processing.
This causes orphaned DELTA records in the MASTER files. So the processing of the MOVEGRP needs to take into account of the objects DELTA's and there needs to be a way of recovering the orphaned DELTA's which are referencing the OLD GROUP. The message when the RECOVER takes place is as follows:
CMS-XML NEWMEM\NEWNAME cannot be abbreviated in the RECOVER command.
CMS-XML SSM v832: Global Capture Stopped via unexplained SHUTDOWN.
I noticed that Global Capture started, but I could not find where it completed. Instead, it was "stopped." And, strangely, it was stopped, we think,due to the immediately preceding appearance of "SHUTDOWN" within the DETECT SYSOUT.
CMS-XML SSM823: Getting 16D Abend, and message ISPC506E: Error File SSMHFSK not found or was empty.
... for use ( via symbolic substitution) ... If a started task was restarted, and for some reason the route code normally used was not available, then this could happen. ... This Patch (P2516) can be found on our Knowledge Database, which was made available on 07/15/2009.
CMS-XML SSM823: ISPF batch RECOVER/COMPARE of PDS members ignoring request
No batch JCL gets generated, when trying to recover a "delta tracked" member. Both methods return the results back to the screen, with the option to keep the results in a temporary data set.
CMS-XML SSM821: Panel HPSURES6 does not permit DSNs beyond a length of 35 characters
When recovering an entire PDS, the "recovery PDS" cannot be more than 35 characters long, when the IBM maximum length for a dataset name is 44 characters in length. Panel HPSURES6 needs to be modified so that the "recovery PDS" accepts dataset names with a length of 44 chars.
CMS-XML SSM823: When VIEWBASKET command is added to end of Extract/Export command stack it is not recognized.
When the VIEWBASKET command is located at the end of an Extract/Export command stack, it is not recognized by SSM processing. I think that, even if a basket is marked with "warnings", one might still want/need to see what's inside.
CMS-XML SSM830: $INTEG after $MAINT processing found some cleanup to be performed.
Customer found that $INTEG found additional work to do, immediately following completion of their first execution of V830 $MAINT. This should not occur as the $MAINT should have resolved all problems. These are the records which are being marked to be changed.
CMS-XML compare of PDS members results in CSV026I HPSTRANS NO ACCESSED followed by CSV028I ABEND306-34 JOBNAME=M1GNW00 STEPNAME=
Intermittent problem when using option 4- recover members. Comparing members results in CSV028I ABEND306-34. Screen shot of the error:
CMS-XML MRT Report showing members that are not part of the dataset being reported.
This problem is now also addressed in SSM V8.3.2 Cumulative Patch Package Number SSM83226. This Patch (P2516) can be found on our Knowledge Database, which was made available on 07/15/2009. This Cumulative Patch Package contains all the fixes to date for SSM V8.3.2, since it was announced GA.
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