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CMS-XML Basket IMPORT APPLY does not write all IEBCOPY messages to SYSPRINT data set
Because the DISP=(new,pass) is specified in the JCL, IEBCOPY is opening/closing the SYSPRINT data set, thus only the messages from the last IEBCOPY are written to the temporary dataset. Two possible solutions exist: 1) change the DISP to DISP=(MOD,PASS) or
CMS-XML SSM821: PDF message does not match batch message text
The following mesaage HPS0721I does not match what is written it the Messages V820 manual. PDF: HPS0721I File gets only 'value'% compression while 'value'% is
CMS-XML Event Type Line Command is not reset upon HPSUHEV1.
It has been identified that there is a ISF panel processing problem, after use/function completion, and even after the function is exited (even all the way back to the main/primary SSM ISPF options menu), the user's previous (Event Type) "S"election is retained/ saved upon subsequent displays of HPSUHEV1. See below details:
CMS-XML IDC3309I RECORD NOT WRITTEN in MRTAUX3 file not backed up due to dcb information
Using $BACKUP with the DCB specified, get IDC3309I RECORD NOT WRITTEN and do not get backed up. If the DCB is changed to that specified in the MRTREORG, the records do get backed up. The DCB in the $BACKUP is defined in $DEFGDG.
CMS-XML HPS0023E error when saving SSV versions on dynamically added dasd volumes.
HPS0542W HPSIDV Volume PRD092 is NOT online. Object cannot be
CMS-XML SSM821: SSM does not track an sequential empty dataset.
Once the file has been edited and saved the dataset is then a candidate for tracking.
CMS-XML Unable to REPRO MASTER datasets whilst SSM 834 RTO is running on SYSPLEX.
They save all of the three MASTER datasets and the MRTAUX3 dataset whilst the STCs of all four images in that SYSPLEX which are up and running. This work fine when all of the RTO's of the SYSPLEX are running SSM833. However, if you install and run SSM 834 on one image on that SYSPLEX you get the above error for all MASTER files on a regular daily basis.
CMS-XML SSM831: After applying fix SSM83106 data sets scheduled to be scratched during IMPORT processing are not deleting.
Data sets scheduled to be scratched were not deleting during IMPORT/APPLY processing. This was due to 0 records being written to the scratch data set. In the report, data sets that should be scratched, show up as "NEW".
CMS-XML Getting 'Checkin service error' saving edit a component
Getting 'Checkin service error' saving edit a component
CMS-XML V7.1.2: CMNVSRVC RC=0008,MSG=CMN8711I - Save staging version error
V7.1.2: CMNVSRVC RC=0008,MSG=CMN8711I - Save staging version error
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