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CMS-XML SHOW=HFS shows 132 Value not in table.
When running the job with the SHOW=HFS parm to show the entire hierarchy of administrators, object groups, users, and objects in the object master database the following error is issued like the one below: 1 "SHOW=HFS HPS1300I HPSTRACK 08:52:14 EOF HPSIN: Cards read=1 with 1 Commands.
Data generated by the HISTORY command using DB2LOAD doesn't match the input control parameters used by DSNUPROC. JCL was generated from online C.L - Load Tracking Data to a DB2 table //*--------------------------------------------------------------
CMS-XML SSM notifications and the use of translation tables.
Depending on TCP/IP translation tables used you may experience SSM Notification Emails not being sent out as the CRLF character does not get translated properly with the standard translation table, however MAIL2EXE uses 0D25 for CRLF. In the Notification STC you will see the following errors .
CMS-XML Syntax error while using COMP option in Data Extract.
When you try and compare a FLAT file with FGP file using data extract COMP option(Option D;COMP;Flat File (TEXT)), you get the following error. HPS0012E HPSTRANS 04:04:12 Rejected command or syntax error 112: Parameter not in Table . Command 1-1 Col 18
CMS-XML SSM $BACKSTC hangs in multiple SSM STC environment following errors in RTCT operation integrity processing
CMS-XML DEFINEDS, multiple subparameters specified on same line gets no syntax violations
HPS1312W HPSTRACK 12:21:38 Object definition set to SIMULATE (list-only) mode. HPS0012E HPSTRACK 12:21:38 Syntax error : 112 Parameter not in table . Command 2-3 Col 21
CMS-XML SSM conflicts with ENDEVOR third party software resultin in U1314 abend
When testing Endevor R15 processes, the batch processes abend with U1314 error code when SSM is active. ... - Endevor creates a global SVC screen table . ... that the SVC screen table DOES NOT GET propagated to any new TCBs. ... - Shortly after BC1PSATT returns control, we see that the new TCB intercepts an SVC, meaning that it's screen table DID GET propagated.
CMS-XML SSM v832: FGP ISPF Dialog navigation issue in panel HPSUFGPL.
The confirmation message "HPS376 HPS376I Fingerprint Table Updated." was issued, but the cursor was placed incorrectly upon the panel.
HTML Serena® ChangeMan® SSM Version 8.2.2 Readme File Last updated on 14 July 2005
1.2 Panel Enhancements The "View Basket" panel now fails if no entry is specified, or a truncation error is encountered. Table row processing is enhanced to allow PF3 functions.
PDF Serena(TM) ChangeMan(TM) ZMF Version 5
The following table lists the previous and new library names (somnode is the high level qualifier that you use for ChangeMan SSM PDS libraries in the RECEIVE job). ... 14163 Capture events being reported incorrectly .
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