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CMS-XML SSM832 Getting an S878 Abend running through the DEMO Option processes
At no stage was I informed that there should be a REGION= parameter in the job card. ... notice no COND or IF ABEND processing to check for errors in previous steps. ... 6 Define a Group - Define a Group for tracking LPARa DSN's
CMS-XML SSM823: Unclear message on HPSURES1
If you try and restore a member, but and your target library is not defined, the following message is generated: ... HPS390E TARGET DSN is uncataloged. Check the name, or specify allocation PARMS
HTML Serena ChangeMan SSM Version 8.2.3 Readme File Last updated on 18 October 2005
5.0 Documentation Updates //HPSPLIB DD DSN =SYS1.PARMLIB(HPSPARMn),DISP=SHR ... Execute HPSMAINT with no parameters to verify and correct the database. ... LEVEL=0 is not permitted. This parameter cannot be used with the MINLEVEL parameter. ... This parameter cannot be used with the AGING or MINLEVEL parameters. ... This parameter cannot be used with the PURGE parameter. ... For objects that do not
HTML Serena® ChangeMan® SSM Version 8.2.2 Readme File Last updated on 14 July 2005
6.0 Fixes HPSURES6 does not permit DSNs beyond length 35 ... has exclusive on DSN SSM does not track an empty ... ... where a member is not created, but message verifying it is ... HFSIMPORT FORCE parm doesn't create directory if ... ... VSAM file - Validate existing VSAM cluster ... ... erroneous data where no ID or PROGRAM ... ... Option 9, does not return data set list for invalid DSN " No matching entries found ... HFS Fingerprinting does not support SIMULATE command DSN Fields not sufficiently ... Quoted DSN on panels HPSUBSKV ... DSN truncated in display ... SSM shouldn't end all TASKs ... ... seq files that haven't changed
CMS-XML SSM821: Panel HPSURES6 does not permit DSNs beyond a length of 35 characters
When recovering an entire PDS, the "recovery PDS" cannot be more than 35 characters long, when the IBM maximum length for a dataset name is 44 characters in length. Panel HPSURES6 needs to be modified so that the "recovery PDS" accepts dataset names with a length of 44 chars.
CMS-XML HPS1322E HPSTRACK does not support Length=44 objects.
Testing HPSMAINT, we have noticed an object name "collision" with VOLSER within the output for objects ( DSNs ) with length = 44. See below example:
CMS-XML Missing blank in panel HPSUOB1(with DSNs of 44 bytes).
A minor error in Panel HPSUOB1, which did not fully support 44 bytes names. There is a missing blank. Please see below, dataset names with length 44 characters cause "collisions" with VOLSER values on HPSUOB1.
CMS-XML SSM821: PDF message does not match batch message text
required. No comp/exp table generated for dsn , 'filename'
CMS-XML Basket IMPORT APPLY does not write all IEBCOPY messages to SYSPRINT data set
CMS-XML SSM821: False HPS0012E msg. during FGPing, for a migrated DSN
I get the following message when a data set is in migrate status. The data set was not "not cataloged", just migrated. I didn't have any AUTORECALL parm specified, so shouldn't it just be bypassed during the fingerprinting process, with a warning message generated?
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